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  • Made for China
  • Works on most all OS's
  • China does a good job in what it intends to do
  • Most non-Chinese IP websites are not blocked


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PIA VPN to be acquired by malware company founded by former Israeli spy

Astrill. Not the cheapest but I am very happy with it. Also to circumvent GFC


I think what the top VPNs are doing now, is using their own DNS to unblock streaming sites. I had ExpressVPN before, they are very fast but I did get a lot of captchas with google and PayPal wouldn’t let me add a credit card to my account, when I got off ExpressVPN I was able to add it no problem, kinda weird some places are vpn sensitive. I currently have about 5 active VPN accounts been testing them, WeVPN, Astrill, NordVPN, TorGuard, and Windscribe. TorGuard is really good as well, just gotta get the streaming IP for the streaming sites but they don’t want you to do torrenting on them.

Ask HN: Which VPN?

I used Astrill while in China and it worked good and the cost wasn't bad. Works on most all OS's.


that was the lesson i learned from that summit. they kept the target on the back of express, while astrill got through. just a personal theory, but if astrill was working without issue while express was not, im led to believe that china was allowing it. if china was allowing it, my guess is astrill was playing ball with them somehow.


China Just Blocked Thousands of Websites

Astrill appears to be the most popular and best performing. A few high-end hotels that I've stayed at route all traffic through a VPN to cater to their Western audience.Many, many people with little technical ability use a VPN, especially in businesses dealing with the West.


VPN owners: 97 VPN products run by 23 companies

CON: Astrill leaks DNS like a I can get it under controll with ufwufw default deny outgoing && ufw allow out on tun0 && ufw allow out on tun0 to [IP of your DNS] port 53You may want to use Softether instead of OpenVPN or the provided client of your VPN.


A CTO’s Startup Journey in Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park

Honestly, rather than looking for alternatives, I'd invest in a good VPN. We've tried a lot of different setups and services (individual VPN, smart routing in and out of our office...), but Astrill ( has been consistently good (save for a couple times when the internet was simply slow in all of China regardless).


The trouble with VPN and privacy review sites

I currently use Astrill. Astrill is not cheap but works pretty well to circumvent censorship.


The trouble with VPN and privacy review sites

I currently use Astrill. Astrill is not cheap but works pretty well to circumvent censorship.


“Two days ago the police came to me and wanted me to stop working on this”

I found that it wasn't just a matter of your connection getting blocked; if you leave it up you'll experience some unreliable good periods (so, say, a torrent would download through the VPN overnight without a problem, but if I wanted to use the internet at any particular time, my connection was unlikely to be working). But yeah, I ended up signing up with Astrill.




Bluetooth 5.0/NFC/Zigbee

On-chip Memory

1 MB flash and 256 kB RAM

Onboard Memory

2 MB QSPI flash


1xUART, 1xIIC, 1xSPI, 1xNFC, 1xSWD