BenQ EX2780Q

BenQ EX2780Q
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  • Great for gaming
  • Good speaker system
  • HDR support
  • Remote control
  • Affordable price
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BenQ EX2780Q Review

But the BenQ adds a sweet sound system and handles HDR (both DisplayHDR and BenQ's HDRi enhancement) like a boss. For its ability to handle games, video, and photos while providing superior audio—the best I've heard on a computer monitor in recent years—and extras like a remote control, the BenQ EX2780Q also earns our Editors' Choice as an all-around entertainment monitor with a focus on gaming. BenQ's EX2780Q is primarily a gaming monitor, but its punchy sound system and deft handling of HDR make it a winning all-around screen for general entertainment, too

Tony Hoffman
7 days ago

Amazing monitor! Perfect for next gen consoles!

I’m writing an honest review, I’m not paid or sponsored (I wish). To cut right to the chase, this monitor is amazing and worth every penny. Once I learned the specs of the PS5 I started to research monitors pretty heavily. For background purposes I mainly play FPS, or Call of Duty, so I prefer to ga...

Philip A
1 year ago

A MONITOR FOR ALL! 1440p -144hz -IPS BenQ EX2780Q Review

So all in all the BenQ x27 eight EQ right here, and where do I place it?

The Techne
7 days ago

Fantastic Monitor - Exceptional Quality

The screen is nearly bezzless on the three sides, outside of the bottom which houses the front firing speakers, looks comparable to others, it's actually stylish looking, rustic to a degree. I had the AD27QD and sent it back for this, had it for nearly a month. Gigabyte does an amazing job with supp...

Jesse P
3 years ago


This is the monitor to own if you own a PS5 and want that 120Hz. No problems with it whatsoever, works perfectly. I was able to snag it for $219. I recommend getting the 24.5" (EX2510) over the 27" for a higher pixel density. Works with a standard VESA 100x100 mount, but the stand it comes with is p...

1 year ago

Seriously, just buy this...

This monitor has an exceptional feature set with a fantastic price to match. This isn't a purely gaming monitor nor is it purely for professional use, but it's overwhelmingly very good at both. This monitor should be held as a gold standard in which all other monitors should be compared to. Every mo...

2 years ago

1440p@120hz Verified for XboxSeries X

The media could not be loaded. I did a lot of research trying to find an AFFORDABLE 1440p monitor that will support 120hz on the Xbox Series X. I tried a couple diff monitors before I got this one last nite. Neither worked until the BenQ arrived. For right now some aren’t just compatible with the Se...

Kristi Kurjack
4 months ago

BEWARE: When/if you turn the HDR functions on be prepared for an incredibly dull/dim screen

Issues I've had: 1) BEWARE: When/if you turn the HDR functions on be prepared for an incredibly dull/dim screen. When you turn these features on the monitor uses that giant ambient light sensor and dulls the screen, which IMO defeats the purpose of buying an "HDR" monitor. ALSO when you turn these f...

Jedi T
2 years ago

Great Monitor highly recommended

This monitor is great. Don't hesitate to buy it. Long review : So I wanted something for gaming on my newly built PC running I7 9700k processor and a 2060 Super. I realized 4k I would love to have but for the price it's not worth it. My graphics card is going to do 1440 just fine and this is the rea...

2 years ago

Amazing Monitor

After trying several other brands, such as Asus, Samsung, and MSI, This is by far my favorite 4k HDMI 2.1 monitor. Everything was packaged really well and the build quality is great. The moment I turned on the display I was impressed with how clear and vibrant the monitor was without even adjusting ...

Armen Avakyan
3 months ago