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What brand of outlet wall plate is that?
Just kidding, I felt left out not asking that question.
Congrats on the home gym. I'm looking for a treadmill right now. I've looked at a lot and rn thing the Sole F80 fits my budge and needs.
9 months ago


Also recommend the f80 over the f63. It has a lifetime warranty vs the 5 or 10 year that the 63 has. I can’t remember which offhand


I ended up purchasing the Sole F80 after making the tough decision to cut my losses and get rid of the less-than-one-year-old Horizon treadmill and could not be happier with it (the Sole is clearly a MUCH better quality machine, requires less maintenance in terms of lubing the tread deck, etc. cannot say enough good things about it).
9 months ago


Before I bought my treadmill I was considering a Sole as I like the brand as they are mid-tier and I would take it over Horizon. I did a bit of research and the F63 is more of a walking treadmill for light use and I believe the platform is shorter. I would go for the F80 or F85 if you can afford it to spend more to get a better unit with a stronger motor.