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Baboon to the moon Go-Bag Small


It was a cheap bag my mother bought for me from Target that I used for almost every trip since 2011. Despite my loyalty to it, I thought it was so ugly that I always made sure to store it in odd places around the house to ensure it was out of my sight until I needed to pack for the next trip. (For the record, gray, black, and salmon is a terrible color combination.) So, it was a bittersweet event on our return flight home from a vacation when a baggage handler permanently flattened one of its wheels by throwing it a little too hard onto a conveyor belt, and the handle later fell apart on my walk to the parking lot

24 days ago


Baboon to the moon Go-Bag Small


The Bigger Carry-On may have to be courtesy-checked on small planes, but it is big enough to accommodate six to nine outfits, enough for four to seven days.There are also expandable versions of the carry-on bags and sleek aluminum edition carry-ons that look like they were designed in a Ritz-Carlton. The Medium & The LargeThe Away team keeps it simple with naming conventions, so the fact that their bigger luggage pieces are called The Medium & The Large should come as no surprise. These models are Away’s checked bag luggage line, and also available in expandable options, and in through the aluminum edition series

24 days ago