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Atlas Packs Athlete


Important: Choose the Adventure or Athlete hip belt – otherwise you will have literally no padding on your hips. I don’t recommend using the bag without a hipbelt either. The Adventure belt is more comfortable as it provides two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle – it’s also bigger and bulkier.

21 days ago


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Eco Pack


I really like the look of this backpack (army print with blue and red accents). My main complaint is the lack of compartments/pouches. I was looking for a new backpack to take on my hiking and outdoor trips and the lack of compartments has me on the fence about keeping it. The front lower pouch is really small

Margarito C.
5 years ago


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Eco Pack


If you are a petite 5 foot guy or girl these backpacks may look even bigger on you. With that said, my final decision is to keep the huge Classic size. Keep reading if you would like a little suggestion on each backpack. Classic size is great if you carry a lot of stuff

Mel S
2 years ago