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I bought a Nordictrack commercial 1750 around Christmas time and I absolutely love it. I’m not a ‘new’ runner but I’m getting a ton out of some of the iFit programs.
1 year ago


Nordictrack is the worst - buy something else.
Nordictrack simply is the worst, please take my advice and purchase other manufacturer equipment. I will be finding as many places to post this review to as I can't believe how bad of an experience this has been after spending the amount of money we did with Nordictrack. We renovated our home gym and 12 months ago bought a Commercial 2950 Treadmill and 6 months ago a RW900 Rower - Nearly $7,000 worth of equipment. To date - the treadmill I've had to replace the motherboard not once, but twice, a wiring harness, the entire walking deck, and now its borken AGAIN and the 'fix' is to replace the motor now and the motherboard for a 3rd time.
6 months ago