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Price Point

Corsair HS60 Pro


Especially for the price point. Could just be a coincidence I suppose, but for $130?..

Miguel Rial
1 year ago

SteelSeries Arctis 7X


Battery life was definitely above average and you'll easily get a few days (or one REALLYYYY long gaming session) out of the battery until having to recharge. Although I did experience a few minor wireless disconnections early on in ownership, the wireless performance was stable and it never gave me any problems on updated firmware. I ended up letting go of my Arctis 7X headset after a year of ownership, swapping them out for the Audeze Penrose X in favor of having a headset with Bluetooth integration and better sound quality. Lately I've seen more Arctis 7X price gouging than when they were first released, so I mainly wanted to write this review as a sort-of warning for potential buyers trying to decide whether or not they should pay $250 for a $150 headset that has the quality of a $130 headset

Ryan F.
4 months ago