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Battery Life

Corsair HS80


The battery icon changes based on integer percentages (90%, but no 90.1%). The 300 hour battery claim seems to be accurate so far. Also the power button on the headset that tells the battery only updates every 10%, so it'll only tell 100%, 90%, 80%, and so on

3 months ago

Sound Quality

Corsair HS80


Corsair impressed me last year with its $150 HS75 XB Wireless, an Xbox-exclusive wireless headset that looked and felt more like a high-end set of headphones than a gaming accessory. They also had great sound quality and an easy-to-learn button layout with the right amount of features. It wasn’t necessarily a flaw that they only worked with Xbox consoles, but no one likes to be excluded. The company has now released the HS80 RGB Wireless for the same $150 price with PlayStation compatibility, but these aren’t quite the successor that I was expecting or hoping for

Cameron Faulkner
4 months ago

Bluetooth Connectivity

Corsair HS80


What an odd niche to try and fill. UPDATE - So I have been back and forth with Corsair since purchasing this headset (great support, btw - 10 out of 10 for this) - they never led on that the mic would not work across Bluetooth, but everything we tried had no effect. Today I installed a new Logitech mouse on my system - previously had a Corsair unit with their software installed. After uninstalling the Corsair mouse software, the mic started working across Bluetooth

Rob Pryor
2 years ago