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Sound Quality

Corsair HS80


Corsair impressed me last year with its $150 HS75 XB Wireless, an Xbox-exclusive wireless headset that looked and felt more like a high-end set of headphones than a gaming accessory. They also had great sound quality and an easy-to-learn button layout with the right amount of features. It wasn’t necessarily a flaw that they only worked with Xbox consoles, but no one likes to be excluded. The company has now released the HS80 RGB Wireless for the same $150 price with PlayStation compatibility, but these aren’t quite the successor that I was expecting or hoping for

Cameron Faulkner
4 months ago

HyperX Cloud Mix


Do not choose the Mix. I’ve had both the Mixes and the Alphas and the difference is night and day. The Mix sacrifices everything for bass and portability, while the Alphas are a lot more more toned down so as to have a decent amount of bass, but also have the other sound signatures present as well. It’s also a known issue that some Mix’s don’t function correctly with IPhones on the Bluetooth side, as they only playback sound at 50% or higher volume

7 months ago

Price Point

Corsair HS80


I really wanted to like them, but for $150, I personally don’t think it’s worth it with all the downsides. If it was priced around $100, I might have kept them.

9 months ago