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Sound Quality

Corsair Void RGB Elite


I am returning these and going for the Sennheiser set and hopefully the sound quality, setup and design will be better with those, even though the reviews are kind of terrible too. Also, they took forever to get here. I ordered them on the 9th and they got here on the 14th. Not as quick as advertised when buying

2 years ago

JBL Live 500BT


The JBL Live 500BT are fairly versatile headphones that have a decent sound profile. These headphones are quite similar to the JBL E55BT, which seem to be the previous lineup before the Live series. The Live 500BT will be suitable for most music genres and have amazing battery life. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have active noise cancelling (ANC), which means they won’t be ideal for commuting

Jean-Simon Bonneterre
2 months ago