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Osprey Ozone Duplex 65


-when the backpack is clipped at the top to help with weight distribution or when the carry-on bag is attached to the backpack, you cannot access any part of the backpack unless you unclip at least 2 clips. -although you technically can connect the carry-on bag to the backpack to make a larger backpack, it only works if your carry-on bag is not completely full and when it does work it makes you very top heavy by not distributing the weight well so it's easy to topple over (I'm in my mid 20's and felt uncomfortable walking with the mega backpack option) -this bag is advertised as 65l between both parts, but this isn't the case. The carry-on bag is around 35l and the backpack at most is 15-20l (which if you stuff the backpack full it doesn't fit under your seat) so I'd say you are closer to 50l when using both bags for airline travel. -less major, but when paying $200 for a bag, it would be nice if they included a shoulder strap pad

4 months ago



Osprey Ozone Duplex 65


It is both your 'personal item' and carry-on in a way-too-simple detachable system that lets you break it down and stow it before breaking the sanity of other passengers. From there, the pockets, pouches, and dividers within the bag are the new 'goldilocks' standard. Osprey poured its expertise into compact packing and it shows. The size and location of pockets and compartments within this bag are intuitive and easy to get to, whether using as a single system or two discrete bags; whether crammed into an airline seat or sprawling on a campsite

Jeff Kimble
4 years ago