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Patagonia Arbor Roll-Top Pack


I was able to carry the bag fully loaded on my commute to New Jersey from New York City without any shoulder pain. Priced between $79 and $129, the Patagonia Arbor Collection isn't too expensive and is a great value for the level of quality you get.By buying an Arbor Pack from Patagonia, not only are you getting a really durable backpack, you're also helping the environment. Whether you're a commuter like myself or a student gearing up for the upcoming school year, the Patagonia Arbor Collection is a solid place to start

21 days ago



Patagonia Arbor Roll-Top Pack


Some rolltop bags use a combination of buckles and other fasteners, but the Arbor Roll Top only uses a strap with a buckle. The issue with this strap is that the roll is still noticeably loose even when it’s fully tightened down. Not to mention that the extra slack flaps around freely due to the lack of a strap keeper or a place to stow it.

1 month ago