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Targus Corporate Traveller


Not near the quality of my old targus product. i personaly dont thing the zip thru function on this or even the high end bags is worth the space loss. main issue is that the bag was too small for my use with loss of space

12 years ago


Targus Corporate Traveller


3. The padded laptop space. I could fit my 13" ultrabook, the power supply, and various other wires into the laptop compartment. It has strong foam shock absorbers at the bottom, so you could drop your bag and it would help protect your computer

Eric M Johnson
9 years ago




Targus Corporate Traveller


I received this bag via my employer. I go through a lot of bags due to extensive travel. This is a nice bag but same issue another user noted where the straps aren't set up correctly so it just slips to the end very easily causing the bag to sag down my back. It isn't easy to set them up correctly due to the plastic ends

5 years ago