Adidas Adizero Boston 9

Adidas Adizero Boston 9

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  • Great for running
  • A little tight
  • Shoe is a half size too big
  • Arch support is not as good


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Definitely the adidas Adizero Boston 8 (with Lightstrike). Although it has a fairly low stack height (around 26/16 mm), it feels both soft and protective underfoot. IMO, it can definitely be taken up to or longer than the HM distance.
Not loyal at all, in fact I don't have more than two shoes from a company. However, I'm loyal to a specific mode. Adidas Boston 9 is my favorite shoe ever. I have faster and better ones, but it still is the best.
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PRICE I was pleasantly surprised by the price tag on this shoe. Due to all of the advanced features and extra bells and whistles, I assumed that this shoe would be priced at the higher end of Adidas’s lineup. Much to my surprise, this shoe has a price point that is quite competitive when compared to similar high-performance daily trainers out there on the market
3 months ago
Maybe try adidas Boston’s? Not sure you’re going to be able to find much sorry. Do not buy these though, I have them for casual use and that’s all they should be used for
As a forefoot striker myself, I can vouch for Adidas Boston and Saucony Triumph. Nearly indestructible shoes.
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3 months ago
Saucony ride, nike pegasus, adidas Boston, brooks ghost. Roadtrailrun does reviews that has a lot of comparisons
Adidas Adizero Pro works great for intervals for me. Slightly heavier but comfortable at fast paces (down to 67s 400m repeats). Id also recommend the adidas SL20 or Pegasus Turbo
I was able to try these on before buying and passed. They felt very similar in firmness to Adidas Adizero Pro (not Adios Pro). It did not feel like a plated Novablast which is what I was hoping for.
* Adidas Boston 9 - If I want something lower to the ground or track stuff (mostly fallen out of favor). * Reebok Symmetros - Long run if I want high drop (mostly fallen out of favor). * Endorphin Speed v1 - If I wanna go faster / If I were to race I’d probably use this.


Pronation control


Heel Drop

9-12 mm