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  • Great for the price
  • Fast and easy shipping
  • A lot of selections
  • Good company
  • Fluid goes out fast


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The best lighter

A Bic lighter is a simple way to get a fire going or spark up the range during a power outage. These lighters are long-lasting and can hold a flame in a light breeze or a little rain.

4 months ago

You have the bic lighter listed twice. You have a lot of water carrying items, I’d dial that in a bit more, do you need the steripen and the sawyer?.

1 year ago


I received 12 loosely unpackaged possibly used lighters. Lame they are still pulling a 4.5 star rating. Amazon should really work on pulling these weeds based on recent reviews & shenanigans. DO NOT BUY!!

David Blackburn
4 years ago

Fluid goes out too quickly

I've been using BIC lighters for as long as I can remember and never have I ever experienced the fluid going out so fast! It's the lighters with designs on them! However, I normally do not buy the "pretty" ones cause they cost more than the regular single colored lighters. But the past 3 packs of th...

3 years ago

I would not recommend. Definitely not buying again

I would not recommend. Definitely not buying again. All of them were not filled To the top. I checked the lighter i had before buting it and the flame was the same as the used one. The newer ones is supposed to have a bigger flame. But it didnt.

4 years ago

Bic 5 count lighter

I always buy the 5 count Bic lighters. It's not like I.m quitting smoking after one lighter.

2 years ago

Not worth the money

These came loose in a box, and not a single one of these lighters was more than a quarter-filled when compared to a new, store bought Bic lighter. So, essentially I just paid $13.49 for a 12-pack and received 3 lighters worth.

5 years ago

Top Notch

Fast and easy shipping, A lot of selections Good company

Deb King
1 year ago

One or two bad lighters in Each five pack, burned my HAIR because they wouldn’t shut off

Ordered two 5 packs. And it happened once before with the previous purchase, one or two out of each batch of five will not shut off once you take your finger off the lighter button . I was leading a cigarette and burnt my hand because the lighter didn’t shut off !! So dangerous. BIC. You should real...

The gardener
3 years ago

Striker fails before fuel runs out

The striker has failed well before the fuel Runs Out on the last four lighters I've bought. Used to be a decent product

Nik w/the Temper
2 years ago



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