Cold Steel Kobun

Cold Steel Kobun
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  • Light, nimble, and usable
  • Out of the box ready to shave if you needed it to
  • Build quality is tremendous
  • Blade came sharp enough to split some unlucky atoms or shave your arm hair
  • Great quality knife


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Top reviews

Cold Steel SRK, Gerber Strongarm has some good reviews, Schrade has some nice single piece hollow handle survival knives, Morakniv I think offers the best value available. They have a few survival knives.

Do you want a survival machete or a survival knife?

2 years ago

It's a beauty

Awesome product, extremely sharp and very low profile.

1sharp guy
3 months ago

Great knife.

Great knife.

Ken S.
4 months ago

Best $30 knife I’ve ever bought.

For the price point ($30-$35), this knife is nothing short of awesome. If it was $50, I’d call it 4 stars, for $100 I’d give it 3, but for $30, I’d give it 6/5 stars if I could. It’s very light, nimble, and usable. The blade is thin (1/8”), but not thin enough to feel cheap. It’s not a “Japan level”...

Vincent Torsell
4 years ago

Geat Knife

Well made knife with comfortable handle.

Alfred W.
1 year ago

Gotta get one

I have a collection of Cold Steel. I have found them to be the best so far all the way around. Out of the box ready to shave if you needed it to

Aaron M.
6 months ago

Very nice knife and really sharp

Very nice knife my son is wanting one for himself I think it will be a great birthday present for him when I order one for him

Love to go fishing
2 years ago

Wicked sharp, maybe not the most practical

This was my first Cold Steel product, and I certainly can't say I'm disappointed in the blade. Build quality is tremendous, steel seems excellent, and the blade came sharp enough to split some unlucky atoms, or shave your arm hair, or cut a cucumber or whatever. The handle was a bit disappointing in...

Matt Winkler
2 years ago

Cold Steel Kobun Tanto: Quick Review

Should you want to do that built-in rubber guard pretty stiff you're not going to slide up on this handle in most conditions, as it is a very grippy see if i can pump the light up a little bit here for you, so you can see that a Lot of texture to it. On the left side, we have the name of the knife koban made in taiwan on the right side. We have the cold, steel, moniker and again very tacky, handle i mean you can move on it

This Old Sword Blade Reviews
2 months ago

Great quality knife. Came sharp.

Great quality knife. Came sharp. Shipping was fast.

Justin L.
1 year ago



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