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  • Great for 2 players
  • Good for beginners
  • Not a good game for those who are not into strategy games
  • A color better than white, silver, black is needed
  • Manual transmission is desired


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I came to stan Eclipse which shifts burgundy to gold. It's absolutely gorgeous and my favorite shade from them
One of my 3 favorite games along with brass: Birmingham and eclipse. However may take even up to 6 hours so not for everyone. It's good idea to learn the rules by playing the digital version which is much, much shorter.
I think Eclipse is fantastic; it's the best translation I've ever seen of classic galactic-conquest computer games into a board game format.
I'm very interested in the game, even though I already own Eclipse. I'm hoping Voidfall scales well with 2 players and the coop version is decent. Looking forward trying it out in tabletop similuator this weekend.
* **Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy** - 1x 2p - I would absolutely love it if /u/DavidTurczi could get ahold of this and develop a solo mode, preferably one where the bot could also be added in low player count games. Hint hint! If anyone can make it work well, he's the guy.
**Intended use:** Weekend Car/Project Car. **Vehicles you've already considered:** 350z, Mustang, Camaro, Eclipse. **Is this your 1st vehicle:** No. **Do you need a Warranty:** No.
Also I’m still bitter that Dodge axed the Dart before they came out with the SRT4 version because “gas prices are gonna be low forever so we’re gonna make more crossovers lol”. It’d also be cool if Mitsubishi brought back the Lancer and Eclipse. But like, a good Eclipse at a good price that’s a genuine competitor to other sports cars.
Eclipse is a 1-2 hour game, and has half the choices that are being talked about. It could be a great game, but I've got TI4 and Eclipse: 2nd. It doesn't look like it's *clearly* better than those titles. Also, the entry point is way too high for this to be an impulse buy without actual playthroughs from creators.
Eclipse is a much more focused experience. When playing that game I feel that my strategy is rewarded to a greater degree than in TI and much of the game is oriented towards ensuring that, when you and your neighbors throw down, you are the one who's going to come out on top.
Eclipse is still a table hog but it’s organized well. I’d say the game is tried and true!


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