Fjallraven Ulvo 23 Pack

Fjallraven Ulvo 23 Pack
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  • Great for carrying a laptop
  • Stylish and simple design
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Versatile for carrying on the go
  • Durable and sturdy


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I’ve used the [Fjallraven Ulvo 23]([URL REMOVED] for a few months and its worked pretty well for me. Light on internal compartments though.

5 months ago

Fjallraven Ulvo 23 Backpack | Review: 8.0/10 | Pack Hacker

Fjallraven Ulvo 23 Backpack In Detroit..It’s complicated where it needs to be complicated—the durable materials—and simple where it needs to be simple—the interior organization

2 months ago

Good (not great) daily bag

I enjoy this bag so far, but there are a few annoying things.

First the bag is 18.25" tall, not 17.7" as described. I know this is nitpicky, but I was specifically looking for a bag that was under 18" to better fit under airline seats.

I also don't like the fad of using mesh on the straps. It do...

2 years ago

Trendy, itsy-bitsy, baby backpack

This isn't a practical backpack. This is a vanity-sizing-type trend. This backpack doesn't even fit a Pyrex snap-ware leftover container flat at its base. Call me pragmatic, but I just wanted a backpack for to-and-from work. This didn't even fit the bill.'s cute, waterproof, has the right ...

1 year ago

Fjallraven Ulvo 23 Backpack Review (1 Month of Use)

You know it's got a great look to it, so it can be used in a more urban city setting, but that's weather resistance makes it a great pack for if you're doing, hikes or anything like that, so there you have it. The fjällräven ovo 23 check out packer comm for more information and best buying options.

Pack Hacker Reviews
4 months ago

Great for a daily laptop bag or for hiking

I needed one bag that could be large enough that I can use for a carry on, small enough that I can use as a personal item for under a plane seat, stylish enough to want to carry daily to work with my laptop, and rugged enough to take as a day pack for hiking, and this one definitely fills all of tho...

2 years ago

Beautiful bag.

The size is great and the color is beautiful! I like this bag a lot my biggest complaint is how absolutely dirty it gets. I treat my bags very well, I don’t set them on floors or toss them around and am carful to avoid being harsh on them mainly because I love bags. However, no matter how carful I w...

2 years ago

Simple, clean-cut and sturdy. Best pack yet.

Neat. Well designed and really simple. Perfect size for daily chores. Highest quality craftsmanship. Looks like it will last a lifetime. Many competitors. To me, after looking at all of them, was the best.

5 months ago

Pretty good

The white inner liner is nice and the core reason for my purchase. It’s a small bag but it fits my 15” MacBook with room to spare. My only complaint are the side pockets. They are water sponges on a bag that’s otherwise completely hydrophobic.

Mr. R
3 years ago

Quality Gear

Great EDC pack! Probably buy another to have when this one wears out although so well made that will be long from now.

7 months ago



17.7 x 11 x 4.9 inches


1 lb. 6.9 oz.


15 inches


23 liters