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  • Made for streaming
  • Easy to use
  • Free trial available
  • No logs are kept of user activity
  • Works with all devices


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Currently on HotspotShield since it seems to win most reviewers’ speed tests. Can confirm it’s solid on my gigabit. Was previously on ExpressVPN, no complaints.


Google Music now available to everyone in the US

Yea, I used Hotspot Shield and could sign up just fine. Then I used Market Enabler on my rooted Android and got the Music APK through the market. Works like a charm.


No. That’s not how they work. Your entire connection is routed through the VPN, but not all VPNs are the same. Hotspot Shield and ExpressVPN are two of the fastest but of course not free. At least not after the trial.


Why You Should Start Using a VPN

Hotspotshield is slow because of the bandwidth limits for the free service. If you pay for a legitimate vpn service, you will get what you pay for, a fast connection.


Very, they're pretty much the worst customer service VPN company in existence. I moved to Hotspot Shield. Nord have Shady practices and will charge you regardless.


How far the once-mighty SourceForge has fallen

I doubt even 1% of the people installing Hotspot shield through this offer want it on their PC.No, nobody wants it, that's why it's there. Your optimism presupposes that there has ever been a such thing as a person who wouldn't mind more commercials on TV. These people aren't out there, people only tolerate the advertising they do see, and software like this only exists to inflict itself on the user.


Unfortunately I am paid upto May 2021 but have cancelled my subscription renewal, they seemed a little puzzled as to why lol. I will now be trying out various other VPN between now and May but one I have found which is free for a certain amount of data is a Hotspot Shield, they have a dedicated streaming server that worls great but they are based in the US I believe and I haven't read many reviews of them so not sure what they are actiay like and what they are like with logs etc, not that I am doing anything illegal.


Ask HN: What is the best VPN provider?

I found Hotspotshield and PureVPN mentioned on this list: to be somewhere between serivceable to trustworthy in this regard.


custumer service is really fast and helpful. for reference i have used/paid for nordvpn surfsharkvpn mullvad purevpn boxpn tested protonvpn hotspot shield.

Ask HN: Best VPNs around?

I haven't been able to play games like hearthstone while having the VPN enabled because it needs multiple ports forwarded and I haven't been able to torrent while using a nearby PIA server since the closest server that can port forward is France. Hotspot shield blocks torrents and can be slow so I don't recommend it.



Battery Description

5050 mAh


USB Type-C


Qualcomm Snapdragon SDX55


4 GB