Kenmore 200 Series BC4002

Kenmore 200 Series BC4002
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  • Great for quick and easy changing from powerhead to hard floor head
  • Low profile can get under the bed
  • This is a great vacumn
  • Power is great
  • Handle changes length with the touch of a button


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CR’s take: The Kenmore 200 Series BC4002 offers both performance and value, and earns our CR Best Buy designation. At this relatively low price you get an impressive vacuum that vanquishes pet hair and leaves floors spotless.

Consumer Reports
13 days ago

Always loved a canister vac

Best vacuum ever. Love the quick and easy changing from powerhead to hard floor head to dusting wand. Low profile can get under the bed. Just love it

2 years ago

Poor quality - disappointed in Kenmore

We have always owned Kenmore vacuums and have found them to be excellent quality, but this time we ordered a less-expensive model, since it is just the 2 of us now, not a houseful of kids with daily vacuuming. The cheaper quality was obvious - more plastic, very lightweight. While I expected that, I...

1 year ago

Completely satisfied with this vacumn! A good buy!

This is a great vacumn. The power is great. It does the work for you. You dont have to push too hard. The extra attachments are on the outside. This is so much easier than bending down in the canister to find them. You just place them back on the handle. I highly recommend this vacumn for its power ...

2 years ago

Light weight, but complicated wand use

Got this for my mom who is 90 but very healthy and with it. We had a terrible time manipulating the telescoping wand because you have to use a foot lever and a hand lever to release the wand. It is not efficient, and certainly not for someone who might have balance or strength issues.

3 years ago

Love it!!!

We love it. the handle changes length with the touch of a button. The power is amazing my house is so clean. Love it !!!

2 years ago


Why is getting so expense? I bought it 2 months ago, before the padamia, and it doesn't have nothing to do with it..and your people just increased 40% in month..why? Just because people now are cleaning their houses, wasn't supposed to be opposed?. It be more affordable for anyone ?...

marcone de morais
2 years ago

cheap materials...would invest in better quality..but I did that with a different brand bought cheap filters and ruined the engine...the floor brush is junk...Wondering how long this is going to last..very cheaply built...

2 years ago

A good vacuum for the price.

Really nice power head works great on all floors. Would like a better floor head though. This little one doesn't rotate and is hard to get into small spaces in between furniture.

Deborah K
3 years ago

Great price, great vacuum!

I've spent past few weeks searching for a vacuum that was both affordable and powerful. Kenmore Canister Vacuum 200 Series met both criteria with it's 2-motor system and micro-filtration features. Although it's one of the older models in the market, it does an excellent job of floor cleaning. 24' re...

4 years ago