Mage knight

Mage knight

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  • Great for solo play
  • Deck building game with a bit of strategy
  • 2-5 players
  • Cooperative/Competitive
  • Designed by Vlaada Chvatil


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I haven't played any board games recently. Gonna rectify that this coming weekend. Think I might play both a bit of Mage Knight, Imperial Assault and do a parallel read of Ironsworn and Starforged.
Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition
1-5 players, Cooperative/Competitive, Deck Building Hybrid
Designer: Vlaada Chvatil Artwork: J. Lonnee Publisher: WizKids
Overview of Gameplay In Mage Knight you are a....wait for it.....MAGE KNIGHT! Yes, that is you and you are wandering the lands in search of adventure and cities to overthrow....
6 days ago
Mage Knight Review
Patrick Korner: I have played Mage Knight about 15 times now, ranging from several multiplayer scenarios (mostly the introductory one to get more folks into the game) to two-player scenarios (of which the Druid Nights variant is a special favourite). And I think it’s easily one of the best games I have ever played – Top 10 for sure, probably just missing Top 5. Why do I think it’s so great? Variability, thematic immersion, strategy and fun, all rolled into one
6 days ago
Mage Knight - Shut Up & Sit Down
by - Price: - - - - The Mage Knight Board Game throws you and up to three other Mage Knights into the sprawling and ever changing world of the Atlantean Empire, a land that is but a distant memory since your transformation into a mysterious Mage Knight. Build your armies, defeat bands of marauding enemies, and eventually conquer cities in the name of the mysterious Void Council.Designed by renowned designer Vlaada Chvatil, Mage Knight is a game of Epic Exploration and Conquest that mixes character development, intrigue, and the clashing of swords to create a truly unique gaming experience
6 days ago
I feel like this is self defeating. If somebody doesn't know the difference between Monopoly and Mage Knight, they're not gonna know what you mean by a *groumalus* board game.
Hmm... maybe not a conventional answer, but probably Mage Knight
I only got custom playmats printed for Mage Knight because I love playing it so much. If there is another game I really like I may get a mat for that as well.
If you want a bit heavier game I can whole-heartedly recommend Mage Knight. That game is amazing. I would also then recommend Gloomhaven.
Ooofff... so many. Mage knight, Twilight struggle and Empire of the Sun spring to mind.
Codenames is a fun game and I've heard from many people that Mage Knight is also great.



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