MSR Guardian Purifier

MSR Guardian Purifier
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Best Backpacking Water Filters of 2022 - GearLab

The MSR Guardian Purifier stands out for its exceptional ability to remove water-borne viruses and other pathogens, providing pure potable water unlike other hand pumps on the market. The hollow fiber filter has a massive expected lifespan (which presents a great lifetime value) with easy fi...

14 days ago

Bomb Proof - One filter for the Worst Conditions

I'm a 20+ year US Army Infantry veteran. I've pulled water from black water swamps out of necessity. I trust this filter. I've used in in hot and cold temps, clear and chunky water conditions. It's self cleans and if fast. It weighs more than some filters but I find that an acceptable trade-off for ...

1 year ago

What can I say, it's the best

You get to a point on life where if you can't afford the best, just until until you can. Camping starts in stages, you learn your mistakes... You move from a Coleman tent, then to a fairly high end mountain hardware like Trango 2. Then you move onto hilleberg. Same thing, but water purifyer. It's ro...

1 year ago

do not use!

I've been using MSR gear for over 35 years. they make amazing products. that being said this filters should not be in their lineup! very poor design and not durable at at all! for the price this thing should bomb proof and its nowhere near that capability. I would not recommend using this filter ove...

2 months ago

Catastrophic failure of two MSR Guardians 10 days into trip.

We took two Guardians on a canoeing trip down the R Nahanni in NW Territories as we were assured by all MSR's information and various retailers' advice that it would be the best purifier bar none. We checked carefully that the Guardian would be able to deal with glacial silt in the river and were un...

5 years ago

Gear Guide: MSR Guardian Backpacking Purifier/Filter

The MSR Guardian Purifier is the most advanced back-country filter. Most water filters out there are exactly that, water filters. The MSR guardian is a filer and purifier. That means it has the ability to filter out viruses too. This is the ultimate filter for 3rd world travel or the most rugged bac...

16 days ago

The Case for a $350 Water Purifier

In short, if you spend a decent amount of time in the backcountry, I would highly recommend investing in this water purifier.

16 days ago

MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier -

The Good: Probably the gold standard backcountry or emergency-preparedness commercially available water purifier Enormous filtering capacity with a thoughtful and well-integrated system Simple operation that requires a small amount of education to use correctly Scales well from small groups to large ones Activated charcoal second stage results in more pleasant drinking Can handle murky, cloudy and silty water The Bad: It is relatively large and heavy I rarely achieved the same flow rates as MSR promises, and as a true purifier it runs slower than a filter Big filtration in, well, a big package The Bottom Line: MSR Guardian Gravity Filter It’s easy to recommend the Guardian gravity purifier for the right user. If you want heavy-duty purification for lots of people, and you’re willing to pay a premium for the military-grade filtration ratings and construction, this is a great product. If you take care of it, it will take care of you

16 days ago

Water Filter Review: MSR Guardian Purifier

The MSR Guardian Purifier filters to 0.02 microns to remove viruses. It can survive drops of six feet and is the only filter in our review that isn’t damaged by freezing

16 days ago

MSR Guardian Purifier Review 2019 | Water Filter and Purifier Review |

Final Word The MSR Guardian Purifier is a beast. It will treat your water in seconds, cleans itself while you pump, and is one self contained unit.

16 days ago



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