Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

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  • Great for runners who are looking for a shoe that will help them run faster
  • Lacing system can be tricky to get used to
  • Heel collar doesn't fit snugly on top of the heel
  • Shoe is not for casual runners
  • Price of the product is unknown


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ZoomX ftw
Finally caved after all the hype- The only drawbacks I have are the padding on the heel collar doesn’t sit snugly on top of my heel but just below. Kinda wish there was more space in the heel area regarding the padding But maybe it’s just my heel. Lacing can be tricky to get if you have a little bit...
6 months ago
The Science Behind Nike's New ZoomX Vaporfly Next% Marathon Shoe
But the Next% could change that: Nike claims that the shoe saves runners even more energy than its predecessors. This week, I confirmed those claims with the researchers who performed external validation of Nike's internal tests: The shoes, they say, provided a significant advantage over the 4%s in a controlled study.The new Vaporfly's superior energy savings could translate to even faster times
3 months ago
Nike ZoomX Vaporfly next% 2 Review
CHECK Nike ZoomX Vaporfly next% 2 PRICES ON AMAZON Nike ZoomX Vaporfly next% 2 Conclusions: The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next % is still a top-notch option for a marathon racing shoe and continues to shine amongst competitors. Other brands are starting to compete with Nike in carbon plate shoes but this shoe still outshines them all in terms of speed and comfort on the roads. It is continually improving and continually showing up on fast athletes in marathon races
3 months ago
Nike Zoom Fly 5: Release Date, Info, Price
At the forefront of these commitments are its flagship running silhouettes, many of which herald from the Zoom family tree.If you know any runners, casual or professional, you'll likely be familiar with at least one of the silhouettes that fall from this collection. Perhaps two of Nike's most popular Zoom runners, and pairs that I personally see put to use the most outdoors, are the Zoom Alphafly NEXT% and the Zoom X Vaporfly NEXT% 2
3 months ago
An 'Average Runner' Tested Nike's Vaporfly NEXT% to See if He'd Go Any Faster
There's more energy returned in the heel going forwards, and it's not as hard. ""The heel is nice and cushioned compared to my other shoes, but do I feel faster?"
3 months ago
Kipchoge wore the Vaporfly Next% 2 for the NN Mission Marathon
We’ve been running in the ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 for the past few weeks and here’s what we thought: Jane McGuire, deputy digital editor‘I’m a big fan of the changes Nike has made to the upper; as someone with high arches, I found the Vaporweave didn’t have a lot of ‘give’ across the top. While I didn’t have problems with the laces coming undone, I did find that by the end of my run there was a lot of pressure on the top of my foot, which often got pretty uncomfortable by the end of a long run. 'Compared with the Alphafly, I find the Next% 2 far more stable underfoot on the run – while they don’t have the same propulsion, the lower stack height means I don’t feel like my ankle’s going to collapse should I land slightly awkwardly
3 months ago
Amazing shoes
Amazing shoes love them. Wish they were shipped in an actual Nike shoe box, these were shoved into a small shipping box. Not pleases with shipping but actual shoes great
7 months ago
No better racing shoe
Bought it; trained in it; won a 5KM race with it.
Soft; great cushioning; easy on the legs; great 8mm heel drop.
Will buy it again and again and again.
10 months ago
How Much Faster Can You Go In Nike Vaporfly NEXT% Shoes? | Average Runner Speed Test
So now it's time for the results. I'M really excited for this, because tom has no idea what he's just run 5k in in the nike vapor flight next percent.
The Running Channel
3 months ago
Nice shoe!
I love this shoe. It’s good for fast pace run,very comfortable and light!
1 year ago



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