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Parker Jotter
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  • Great for the price
  • Looks good, feels good
  • Not too big or small
  • Easy to carry around with you
  • Comes in a variety of colors


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I love how the humble Parker Jotter still made it into the box. Probably my favourite ballpoint pen.

8 months ago

I'll be honest... I think it should be my Parker jotter... :P

7 months ago

Inoxcrom 77 ballpoint (Parker Jotter copy). I think that if you have to deal with difficult papers nothing beats oil based ink, but people here are **a bit** prejudiced against ballpoints :-)

1 year ago

I’m quite fond of the Parker Jotter with various refills - mostly the older ones with the brass mechanism but I sometimes rotate with a Lamy Safari ballpoint and a titanium pen with Uni-Ball Jetstream refills.

1 year ago

The Parker Jotter has a brushed stainless steel version of a mechanical pencil that has very simular design aesthetics in my opnion. Especially because you have the stainless version of the 2000.

4 months ago

I like the Parker Jotter but find the all steel one a little too slender and slippery. The ones with the resin lower half write with perfect oily smoothness if you use them regularly.

8 months ago

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen Stainless Steel Unboxing and Review

The Parker Jotter stainless steel version, I think, is one of the best EDC pens out there.

Naz AllOut
1 month ago

I would choose function over form and go with my Parker Jotter. It writes so well inverted and no other pen makes my handwriting look as good as that pen.

2 months ago

But it’s a little bit heavy and can be awkwardly balanced, as well as the slippery metal group section being a problem for me. I would suggest a Lamy Safari or Al-Star - or a TWSBI Eco. Then if you still need the ballpoint, get a Parker Jotter instead of the Urban.

6 months ago

Parker Jotter Review

I, like thicker pens, just cuz, I have big hands and something like this is easier to grip, and that so please comment below with what you thought about my review. If there's anything that I missed about these pens and also comment below with what you like or what you like or don't like about the jotters and if you agree with me on anything or disagreed, I'm not gon na do a writing sample because they're so common And their refills are so readily available that I'm sure almost everyone's used one and a lot of times when you buy a pen that is refillable, it's either a cross style or a parker style. So, just about everyone to use one of them and i actually write fairly similar to a bit crystal, which is a good writing pen

Gentleman Reviewer
1 month ago


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