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  • Made for privacy
  • Unlimited devices, expensive but good speeds
  • No i'm not affilated to them
  • Police Seize Two Perfect Privacy VPN Servers
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PIA bought by company known for distributing malware

There's no such thing as a VPN that does zero logging at all, so if someone is claiming perfect anonymity, I distrust them from the get-go.- Have they had data breaches in the past (for example, NordVPN)?- Are there any high-profile cases of them refusing to provide logs to someone?- What country are they located in? Depending on the country, a foreign VPN can complicate collusion efforts.- Do they pay for ads, and how do they advertise? Do they make inaccurate guarantees about what a VPN can and can't do? A VPN isn't going to protect you from the police, and a VPN on its own will not make you private, so I distrust companies that make those claims.- Do they seem competent?


I don't know anything about OVPN, but Perfect Privacy has been good for me. Perfect Privacy has port-forwarding, good speed, a forum, and a ticket system. They have always responded to me right away.


I know Mullvad claims to have a zero logs policy but, in my opinion, it's better to go for a provider which is not in any of 14 Eyes Alliance country, like Perfect Privacy which is based in Switzerland. That being said, Perfect Privacy asks for an email address to create your account, whereas Mullvad doesn't so ... the perfect VPN quest is not ended yet :).


[they're reputable and have no logging evidence]([URL REMOVED] For this yes - Mullvad, iVPN, OVPN and Perfect Privacy are the best. Easily.



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