Refyne EP1

Refyne EP1
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  • Great for those looking for something a bit different
  • Comes in a bit heavier than stainless steel
  • Copper insert is scratched
  • Pen is beautiful by design


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Refyne EP1 in copper.

Third pen in as many weeks. Has replaced my Maxmadco for pocket carry, for now at least. Looking forward to the patina.


I have the EP1 they are nicely compact and the bolt on them is much smaller than the olight.


Mostly good. Great for the price

I have the gun metal gray version. On day one I dropped it. It fell on the pen point on concrete, ruining the refill. My local stores didn't have a compatible refill, so I attacked it with some drill bits. Pilot G2 refills are my favorite. Not the best but they work for me and they are readily avail...

3 years ago

I just got my Refyne EP1 in copper — love it! So far the Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 is ok — but let me know if you find a better replacement. I think next I’ll try to Ohto Flash Dry gel refill


REFYNE – EP1 Copper, Bolt Action Pen

For those looking for something a bit different. Coming in a bit heavier than stainless steel, Our copper pens come polished in a vacuum sealed bag to ensure an impeccable pen from the start. We applied a thin sealant to allow the polish to slightly slow down the patina process, but rest assured the...

8 days ago

I would recommend the Refyne EP1. Mine is stainless steel, and I suppose if you needed it might work as a window breaker/hold puncher in one’s sternum. It’s turn bold and has a flat end. Very nice


Refyne EP1 Bolt Action Pen Review

Conclusion: If you’ve been looking to add a bolt action pen to your collection, but don’t want to take the lay out the chunk of cash that other brands will run you, then the Refyne EP1 is a compelling option. The pen is a no-compromises option that’s ideal for pocket carry. What stood out to me was the solid construction, unique bolt channel, and subtle modern design cues throughout

8 days ago

Bought this cheap “titanium alloy bolt pen”. I was skeptical and didn’t even think it’d be titanium at all. Lo and behold it actually is. I even entropically anodized it. The only magnetic part was the clip! It’s shorter than my tactile bolt action short titanium and lighter as well. It’s a bit long...


Love my EP1. Unless you're willing to drop $100 on a tactile turn, I think this is as good as it gets for a bolt action


check out Refyne EP1. $40, nice bolt pen, takes your refill. the bolt/inside can be copper or brass which gives it a bit more flair than the solid gray/stainless look.



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