Remington F5-5800


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Remington F5-5800
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Review highlights
  • Great for a close shave
  • Pivot head is a very nice feature
  • Foil guard snaps on tight and does not come off by accident
  • Blades are very sharp
  • No irritation


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Top reviews

Adequate performance, affordable price

A solid foil shaver, the F5-5800 is durable, and it performs well for its low price.

4 months ago

Easy to hold and clean, long-lasting battery

I've had this shaver for two or three weeks now and haven't had to recharge it yet even though I use it every day! It's down to about 60%, the level being easily read on the front. The pivot head is a very nice feature, keeping the blades next to your skin over every curve. Some have commented that ...

9 years ago

Not my first electric shaver

This is not my first electric shaver, however it is my first Remington electric. After reading the negative reviews I decided to ignore them and order it anyway because some people just can't be pleased, or they don't really know what to expect from an electric shaver. Used properly this Remington g...

4 years ago

Great Satisfying Shaver!

This is a great shaver which I got for my husband. He likes it very much as it's so smooth, provides the cool comfort of fine shave, good modern looking, have great power, no irritation, no much noises, etc...

He uses this shaver regularly with so much satisfaction. It's good to take with our vacati...

10 years ago


Don't listen to ONE of the negative reviews, this razor is the best AND I HAVE PROOF! If you look at my picture there, I bought supposedly the best razor from Wahl. It cost TWICE what the Remington F5-5800 cost, TWICE. I figured it's Wahl, they have a great reputation, I should get it. I'm sorry Wah...

3 years ago

A good shaver with an excellent trimmer

My husband likes this shaver. This is his second one. Every shaver he has ever purchased has the need of replacing either the screens and blades or the complete unit after about 8 months. So we originally went to Walmart to purchase the new screens and blades for his Remington F5-5800 but found that...

8 years ago

Better Than I Expected! A Great Value Too

I have had this razor about 6 months and my experience has been positive the entire time. I was very skeptical about buying a Remington razor because my favorite razor was a Braun and I concerned about how well it would work. My problem was I didn't feel like paying the high price for a Braun which ...

CJ Jameson
2 years ago

My hubby has been using electric razor for many years and decided to try this one. He really likes the blade between 2 foils that gives you a very nice shave even if you missed a day of shaving, this is probably the best feature of this product. One disdvantage is that the battery is pretty big. It ...

10 years ago

Remington, my lifelong partnership.

I've been shaving since I was 17 years old. I am 99 years old now (2017) now. Do you want me to "do the math"? That was 82 years ago. Wanna know what kind of razor I had then in the CCC camp in Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1936? It was a Remington! Admittedly I only had to shave a couple of hairs ...

5 years ago

Great shaver for the price.

Easy to use, not as close of a shave as a blade but VERY adequate. No razor burn so far, had product for two weeks. Gets long hairs easily with trimmer. Gets whiskers the first time, do not have to go over areas again and again, causing razor burn.

10 years ago



Hair removal

Special Features

Quick charge, multi voltage for worldwide use

Washable Head


Head Features

Flex & Pivot technology, intercept trimmer, pop up trimmer, stainless steel blades