Res Arcana

Res Arcana

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  • Great for 2-4 players
  • Quick to learn, scales well from 2-4
  • Award winning game
  • Magical items, artifacts, and dragons
  • 3 steps per round


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Res arcana’s first expansion feels like it’s always been part of the game. I can’t wait for the second one!
Res Arcana Review – Wizards Being Wizards For 30 Minutes – Meeple...
Almost at the finish line. Would I recommend Res Arcana?. Four-player games is where I would only recommend if you get the expansion
2 months ago
Res Arcana Review
Final Score: 5 Stars – A remarkably elegant and simple game to learn, Res Arcana reveals itself to gamers through repeated plays, and delivers a rewarding game experience for all levels of player. Hits:. • Simple design belies its many rewarding decisions
2 months ago
Dale Yu: Review of Res Arcana
Res Arcana is a different story as I have learned this with everyone else who is learning it so I don’t have that feeling of being behind. It’s interesting to me how they attempted to balance a game like this where everyone is randomly dealt 8 cards and that’s what they have to work with. For the most part, this has worked perfectly, most everyone is on an even field, but I am still waiting for the hammer to fall and see that hand that is just dead in the water before it even starts
2 months ago
Board Game Review: Res Arcana - With 8 cards to victory
What I would like to emphasize at this point as very creditable is the playability even for people with color weakness. The wooden essences are shaped exactly as they are shown on the cards. Sandcastle Games did a great job here
2 months ago
**Res Arcana** is no doubt the high point of my 2021 purchases. Easy to teach, not so long matches and very replayabile. A new must have to me.
PS: I know the game was out in 2019 but Italian version has been released this year.
I really love Res Arcana. The expansion is also quite good. Unfortunately, I don't get it to the table very often. I'm a bit surprised at your scores.
Tried out **Res Arcana**. It was a nice game, I didn't fell in love with it though. But there are so many synergies to explore, I want to delve into it more!
Res Arcana: Perlae Imperii Review - with Zee Garcia
So there you go nine out of ten. That is a seal of excellence and that's gon na do it everybody.
The Dice Tower
2 months ago
I would also suggest Res Arcana. It’s not a head to head card battle style game, however my MtG converts really connect with its main mechanic, which is tapping cards to generate mana to pay for more cards. Great game all around!



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