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I have had good experiences with TorGuard. They make port forwarding fairly easy and quick. I also get great speeds using Wireguard.


Ask HN: Recommendations for a VPN provider?

I'm using torguard and must say I'm pretty happy with them. You can use your login/password for up to 5 computers, which is handy, the setup is fairly easy. I needed some advanced setup options but since they support OpenVPN everything worked great! Their support center is responsive + the guy a Greek Server which serves me well when I'm abroad.On the security side they state that no logs are kept, security is paramount and so on.


I tried torguard recently, multiple disconnects in just a few hours and no kill switch, wouldn't recommend.


NordVPN sued by Torguard for blackmail [pdf]

It also has a ton of security features (app + network switch), streaming IP integration, and the list goes on.Price - It's the same price as PIA now, and with my discount code "tomspark" which isn't unique really, since TG has thousands of 50% off codes floating around, its $5 a month compared to $10 a month with PIA...Reputation - TG's reputation has been flawless. They don't make any false claims and are honest about their jurisdiction, as well as a no logs policy.This is why so many VPNs try to buy them out (as claimed in the TG lawsuit document)..The fact they are sueing another VPN for blackmailing them is a good thing IMO. They are showing some balls. The fact so many VPNs are trying to DDOS TorGuard as well, shows they are doing something right.So yes, I am an objective party.


I've been with Torguard for years but they've got so many damn glitches and bugs and seem unwilling to deal with them. It's uncomfortable where security is concerned.


Of the ones you listed I would go with Torguard. I know it's located in the USA but, seems like your best option with what you want.


Ask HN: What's the Best VPN Service These Days?

It's an older article, but TorrentFreak did a review here: [URL REMOVED] like Do you need a full VPN or just a BT proxy?


I use Torguard for this works good and didnt let me down and is cheap.

TorGuard's speeds work very well for me. For reference, I'm in western Canada and my line is 1gpbs down and \~105mbps up, which TG practically matches w/ [904 down and 102 up]([URL REMOVED]

Ask HN: Which VPN do you use and why?

TorGuard because they provide nodes in countries where I want to have my endpoint and they allow torrenting.



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