Vizio D50-D1

Vizio D50-D1
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  • Made for the budget-conscious
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • SmartCast is "Chromecast built in"
  • Vizio warranty is worthless
  • Picture quality is poor


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Best Bargains for a Super Bowl TV

The set offers excellent high-definition picture quality and good UHD performance. Note that unlike its bigger 55-inch sibling, also in our TV ratings, this set has a fairly narrow viewing angle.

Consumer Reports
13 days ago

Pretty nice - good input lag, buggy software

I didn't know this was still selling or I would have reviewed it earlier... It's a fairly nice TV. I bought it because at the time the price was right, and it has excellent input lag for video games (the delay between pressing a button on your controller and seeing the result on screen.) A trick is ...

R. A. Toon
4 years ago

Vizio D50u-D1 Review

ConclusionsVizio's 2016 Du series offers very good performance for the price. Colors don't skew and, combined with the excellent contrast, produce a picture that will more than satisfy at $1,200 for 65 inches in 4K. The connected features feel slightly clunky, but that's a small complaint next to the panel's performance; you can always augment the HDTV with a 4K-capable media streamer like the Amazon Fire TV ($2,499

Will Greenwald
18 days ago

Vizio D series is a budget TV with real apps, but it's no Roku

Roku's app coverage is second to none and they're super simple to use.

David Katzmaier
18 days ago

Vizio warranty is worthless.

Vizio warranty is worthless. TV arrived and was installed as a wall mount. After eleven months of perfect use, a spot appeared on the screen lower left, and the picture quality became poor. The screen area about an inch from the spot is 95 degrees. The spot is 160 degrees. Contacted Vizio, as the TV...

William Hugh Spurlock
5 years ago

Only Lasted 2 Years

I purchased a refurbished set in April 2017 and it's already needing to be replaced. The bottom-left-hand side of the screen has dark bars that briefly flicker back to life every few seconds. I've also had several of the other aforementioned issues, such as the screen blacking out entirely requiring...

Anna H.
3 years ago

very disappointed. bought this TV Aug

very disappointed. bought this TV Aug. 26, 2016. On Sept. 14th 2017 after normal use, less than one month after the warranty exp. the right side of the screen starts flashing a big black rectangle from the right side center to the middle 6 inches tall extending to the center. called vizio support, a...

Russ t.
5 years ago

Strange burning - Complete screen failure - lasted only 3 years

This Vizio seemed to work quite well for about 3 years. Then suddenly, for about 2 minutes I saw streaking on the screen, followed by a blank/black screen. When I looked, I noticed that just above the power light indicator (lower left hand), the plastic was melting. Realizing that it was getting qui...

Rachel A.
1 year ago

Terrible quality

Sound is wonky. Will be super quiet with voices then super loud with music. Even when changing sound modes. Turns off and freezes for no reason. Won’t turn on for no reason either. Terrible television we’ve had this just over two years now and has been the most unreliable thing ever.

Jeffery J Fyfe
4 years ago


I purchased this television in October of last year. It has not been working since March. The picture either goes black or lines out. I have called ETMind who was the 3rd party distributor and they would not help. I have called VIZIO and they would not help. And finally I called AMAZON and they DID ...

Lori K Kyle
4 years ago


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