Adidas SL20

Adidas SL20

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  • Great for track work and speed work
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good for long distance
  • Price point is good


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Adidas Adizero Pro works great for intervals for me. Slightly heavier but comfortable at fast paces (down to 67s 400m repeats). Id also recommend the adidas SL20 or Pegasus Turbo
Adidas SL20 - love the shoe and can be found very cheap!
The Adidas SL20 Delivers Speed on a Budget
That’s the case here with the SL20, too, which shares the last that other Adizero shoes are built around.
3 months ago
I have a pair of Adidas SL20. Comfy, lightweight and have Continental grip on the front part of the sole
Adidas Sl20 • Deals, Reviews & Trending Products | SERP Shop
The Adidas Sl20 Running Shoe. The Adidas Sl20 Running Shoes are available in three different styles; the Adidas Sl20 Classic the Adidas Sl20 Pro and the Adidas Sl20 Xtra.
3 months ago
Loved my Adidas SL20 SMR RDY for 1-4 mile runs. For that range they just really liked to go fast!
Adidas SL20 Performance Review » Believe in the Run
Adidas SL20 Conclusion. DAVE: Look, it’s a pretty decent shoe. Its weight is nice, it cruises along at moderate speeds, and it fits well
3 months ago
Feels like a pretty different shoe to the SL20 version 1, bit wider, softer and foot feels more relaxed in the shoe. Only done a few miles so going to test for a week for my overall opinion!
Adidas SL20 review: Multi-tester look at the first shoe to feature Lightstrike foam
Apart from you, don't have like strike foam, so that might be another one that you want to consider looking at if you're thinking about these, so that rounds out our review of the adidas SL 20 thanks for listening as ever. If you have any comments, questions hit us up in the comments below we'll be here to answer them. Don'T forget to Like subscribe and ring that bell, so you get updates when we've got new videos coming up thanks for listening people, we've been the run testers and we will be back soon
The Run Testers
3 months ago
Reebok floatride 3.0 is a very good shoe and fairly cheap, reebok symmetros as well and the first SL20. The peg 36 is a lot in discount as well as the Novablasts. Last one I found on more fashion oriented sites where they offer good prices


Heel Stack

30 mm

Forefoot Stack

22 mm

Heel-Toe Offset

8 mm


Upper contains a minimum of 50% recycled content