Bark River Gunny

Bark River Gunny
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  • Made for hard use
  • Sharp blade
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good grip for a variety of tasks
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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Bark River Elmax Gunny Hunter Review — Pig Problem Inc. Georgia - Hog Hunts - 706-927-5580

Bark River Knives is a family owned semi production knife company out of Escanaba, MI USA. I would call it a semi custom knife company that builds heirloom quality at a reasonable price. The model I chose was the Gunny Hunter in ELMAX steel with black micarta scales

2 months ago

Review: Bark River Gunny Hunter LT in CPM-3V steel

If the handles isn’t at least four inches long, I can’t use it effectively. The Gunny handle design is one of my favorites. I would prefer that the handle be thicker, but I understand that Bark River has to choose dimensions that work for most people

2 months ago

Mike Stewart of Bark River Knives talks about the Gunny

Hi folks, Mike Stewart with bark river knives, I'd like to talk about our Gunny, which is actually our second most popular model. The Gunny is actually a smaller version of our number one popular knife, which is the Bravo one. The Gunny was designed at the request of force recon for a more compact version of the of the Bravo in actuality

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2 months ago