Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown
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  • Great for arcade stick buttons
  • Lack the click of blue's but are faster if you want that
  • Some people do like the click of blue's
  • Comes in a box in a plastic envelope


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Genuine Cherry MX Browns

Number of sellers here. Mine came from HK Gaming Keyboards and were the genuine thing. I used all ten to successfully replace ten keys that were damaged in a drink-spill accident. These plus an hour of my time fixed the $150 keyboard. If you're going to try it, here's some quick advice: - There are ...

Chris Crawford
1 year ago

Good for Arcade sticks

Use these for arcade stick buttons, easy to mod in or use in preformed buttons that have drop in slots for cherry style buttons. These lack the click of blue's but are faster if you want that, some people do.

3 years ago

The original keyswitches !!!

They come in a box in a plastic envelope, very well packaged, They solved my problem: some water accidentally dropped on a cherry-mx keyboard rendered some keys soundless and without or with very little tactile feedback. After one month of hairdryer and silica-gel desiccant my keyboard was about the...

4 years ago

MX Browns are Endgame

I mean some of you might not consider browns as tactiles, but i do - and i basically do this for like every other tactile like holy pandas and boba. You forties as well - and this is just the preference that i have cultivated over time - anyways the case itself or if the forever 65 is very consistent, like i said before, and there is a noticeable amount of flex and it's not very harsh, and it's not the Most bouncy keyboard either, but i think this is a nice in between where it doesn't really um. It has that softer typing experience that i like and the slight flex, while not being overly uh, bouncy or flexy anyways

1 month ago

Works great

Had to replace two switches on my Logitech G710+ and these were the exact same ones that were already on the board. The replacement went well and I was done in less than 15 minutes. I had 4 solder points per switch. There are two on the switch itself and two for the led. All four have to be de-solde...

Marc Allen
3 years ago

Trying Cherry MX Browns for the first time.

No don't say that, but based on the characteristics of the switch, I don't really know who this is for they're, not tactile. They'Re not smooth they're subjectively, objectively ugly Browns are as smooth as the Cherry MX Reds, which in itself is saying a lot and whilst they're noticeably quieter than something like Cherry MX blues, because they don't have a click jacket, they're still, not as tactile. So you don't really have the best of both worlds

1 month ago

If you use them in a PCB they will do great

I used these with a custom keypad I made and it works as a switch should work. The thing I dont like about this is how brittle and easy to break the connectors are, now if you used them by dropping them in to a pcb it probably would be fine, but I was directly soldering wires to it and one wrong bum...

3 years ago

Most POPULAR Switches? Reacting to Linus Tech Tips' Blind Switch Test

So click cherry switches almost never won in the linear and clicky categories. But the mx browns were by far the most popular switch among the tactile switches.

1 month ago

Awful Quality

Pins on the bottom are flimsier than others I've purchased before, you can hear the sound of the spring depress, and it just feels "crunchy" as at the bottom of it's translation (not the tactile bump, something about the low quality of the spring). Doesn't seem like the stems are particularly well m...

2 months ago

Best Switches out there!

Ordered these switches to put in my fight stick. The default sanwa switches were laggy and I kept getting dropped inputs/combos. These are faster than cherry mx blue switches. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to these switches for your fight stick!

J.N. Lee
3 years ago