Chris Reeve Inkosi

Chris Reeve Inkosi
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Review highlights
  • Great for EDC
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Blade is very sharp and holds an edge well
  • Very good quality for the price
  • Comes with a nice case


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Top reviews

Amazing Quality-Awesome Seller Service

The quality and attention to detail that CR gives to the knives is legendary and well deserved. The relatively new model is no exception. I have several large high end folders, CRs as well as a Sartan Akribis. The small Inkosi perfectly filled that nitch for a smaller, lighter, high end pocket folde...

Joey Pace
6 years ago

The Chris Reeve Knives Inkosi; a Costly Culmination of Quality and Innovation. Is it overpriced? - Knife Thoughts

The Inkosi with two other smooth, solid, titanium handled knives: the MassDrop Ray Laconico WE Keen and the Spyderco Native 5 Fluted Titanium Inkosi is a Zulu word that means “chief” or “king”, and I think that is a fitting moniker considering the history, and price, that this knife commands. It is an extremely strong feeling knife with the extra thick titanium frame lock, blade, and pivot. It also is imbued with Chris Reeve Knives’ history of innovation, excellence, and great warranty service

2 months ago

Chris Reeve Large “Inkosi” Folding Knife - Ozzie Reviews


The Chris Reeve large Inkosi is a high end folding knife from one the world’s best knife makers! With it’s S35VN blade steel and a tolerance of a 10th of a thousandth of an inch (yes a 10th of a thou!) combined with a titanium handle, the Inkosi is a knife you’ll have for a lifetime!

2 months ago

Inkosi = Perfect

Knife shipped fast! Thank you I also have Benchmade knives, love them all This Small Inkosi is small & is a great EDC You get what you pay for. A piece of art that will be there for you in many ways. Life saver

Mike Barnes
4 years ago


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