Cold Steel Demko AD-10 Lockback Knife Black G-10

Cold Steel Demko AD-10 Lockback Knife Black G-10
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Review highlights
  • Great for the price
  • Lock is strong
  • Ergo's are decent
  • Blade steel is among the best in the game
  • Issue is with the overall quality of the build, not design


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A beast of a blade.

I bought my AD-10 about 6 months ago and it's replaced most of my larger knives in my pocket. From opening boxes to cutting a ribeye it gets the job done.

4 months ago

Highly overpriced

The knife isnt bad, and would be 4-5 star if it were priced accordingly. The lock is strong, the ergo's are decent, and the blade steel is among the best in the game. The issue is with the overall quality of the build, not the design. The first one had a terribly off centered blade. Of course I play...

charles r manning
2 years ago

Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter Review |

Cold Steel has taken all of the things I like about their knives (the slick Andrew Demko designs, good ergonomics, excellent fit and finish, and tough build), and are finally mating these qualities to superior materials. And the manufacturing has been kicked up a notch too. The 3-D machined handle is beautiful and the blade is substantial

3 months ago

Cold Steel putting the “fun” in Functional.

I was intrigued by the Demko version but just couldn’t bring myself to make such a purchase. I was a big fan of the 4Max and Cold Steel nailed it with their production version so I had hopes that they would somehow bring the Scorpion lock into their lineup. They did. We now have the Cold Steel produ...

3 years ago

Great Medium to Hard Use Knife

I worded the headline like that because if you're only going to cut apples with this, there are better options for the same price - or much, much (much) less. No need going over most of the positives as anyone reading this already knows. It's a tough lock and a beefy knife. I have medium-sized hands...

3 years ago

Great company, great knifes

Great quality knife, amazing locking device, the walk and talk is so smooth. Had my eye on this knife for awhile and waited for it to go on sale. Used for Hunting

7 months ago

This is a bigger knife than most will carry in a pocket every day

I love this knife, and knowing the custom versions start over $700 and quickly get into the $1,400 plus range, $150 was a great deal. Especially considering the blade steel is S35vn... The ergonomics are amazing. The lock up is top shelf (triad lock system, do a little google or youtube search and l...

sean garnet
3 years ago

Great Quality at such a low price so long Spyderco

I collect knives. Mostly Spyderco but in the last few years they have released several models that will cut the user when the blade is closed. I consider that unforgivable especially for how overpriced they have become. So I am putting Spyderco in the rear view mirror for these reasons and their sha...

Opinion Shared
1 year ago


I love the knife itself. I’m really incredibly disappointed with the grind centering. It sounds nit picky but if you spend 200 on a pocket knife shouldn’t it have at least a centered grind? I have a fixed angle system so I fixed it but sharpening the knife for someone with whetstones would have been...

3 years ago

Scorpion lock, another genius idea from the mind of Demko

This knife is a brute. It's stout, made of great s35vn steel, and has a huge Sabre ground blade. I love the way s35vn takes and holds an edge and it's easy to resharpen too. Like every cold steel knife, it came razor sharp with a hair shaving edge and it's built like a rank so it will take punishmen...

3 years ago


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