CRKT Pilar

CRKT Pilar
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Review highlights
  • Great for office use
  • Clips in to the pocket and not obtrusive at all
  • Little hard to close
  • Excellent feel in hand and very nice to look at
  • Thumb hole


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Top reviews

Crkt pilar. I'm thinking about buying it again. It's one of the best knives I've owned!

8 months ago

Great little helper

Great pocket knife to have with me all the time. Clips in to the pocket and not obtrusive at all

5 months ago

Work knife

Little hard to close and was larger than I wanted but overall a nice knife.

2 years ago


One of my favorite new knives! Excellent feel in hand and very nice to look at. On my EDC rotation for sure!

Jim C.
1 year ago

Love this knife so much!!

I bought the Pilar along with the Squid and it's been a few weeks now since I've had them. The Pilar is the first knife I've owned with a thumb hole and I honestly love it!! As someone else said in a review I saw, "The Pilar is a Squid knife on steroids". And thats the truth. This knife is a lot thi...

4 years ago

CRKT Pilar Voted Best New Value Folder 2017 |

As a knife drawn up by one of the most popular makers in the world at the top of his game, the Pilar was just too good of a deal to pass up..

3 months ago

I'd lean toward the Civivi, I absolutely love my Elementum. CRKT has left me wanting from poor quality and build. The Pilar is supposed to be a great knife, but I still feel the Civivi would be the stronger choice

1 year ago

CRKT Pilar Review |

CRKT Pilar Review – Final Thoughts..I have to applaud CRKT for this knife

3 months ago

Awesome pocket knife

Awesome little cutting instrument used as utility knife

2 years ago

Nice little knife

I was looking for a non-intimidating little knife for use situations where a larger folder might be considered scary (office etc.). Pilar fits the bill plus it is very well made for reasonable money. Its ergonomics is carefully thought thru: the knife is pleasant and comfortable to hold and easy to ...

3 years ago