Dell S2721DGF

Dell S2721DGF

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  • Great for gaming
  • IPS panel delivers wide viewing angles
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Low input lag for responsive gaming and desktop experience


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Dell S2721DGF
The Dell S2721DGF is a 27 inch, 1440p monitor gaming monitor with a fast refresh rate and great gaming features. The IPS panel delivers wide viewing angles, and it has excellent ergonomics. It has a remarkable response time at the max refresh rate, with very little blur behind fast-moving objects, and it has a fantastic low input lag for responsive gaming and desktop experience
Thomas Hervieu
3 months ago
Check out the Dell S2721DGF. 27" 1440p 165hz IPS freesync (gsync compatible). I bought one in UK for £330. Absolute bargain.
This is a great monitor. Comparable to the Dell S2721DGF from my use of both.
Just recieved the Dell S2721DGF and this Lenovo Y27q20 today and have them set up side by side if anyone has any questions.
Dell S2721DGF in my opinion. I have it. It's great.
Dell S2721DGF Review - WORK Hard, PLAY Hard
In conclusion, what do i think of the dell s2721 dgf? Is it a good monitor and is it worth spending 500 or 50 more than the lg? Well, it's definitely a fantastic monitor. I get that it's focused isn't solely on gaming, but a mixture of working gaming, and it does those very well with whatever you throw at it.
Bijan Jamshidi
3 months ago
You can get the Dell S2721DGF right now on sale for 330. Best value you will find. 165hz. 1440p. 1ms response time. Great reviews.
It's on sale on their website (usually $500)
I just bought one last night.
Also friend said the colors and contrast are amazing because of the QLED tech. # Dell S2721DGF.
Also it lacks many ergonomy functions. I would actually prefer an LG Nano-IPS Panel like in one of the following ones:. LG 27GL850, LG 27GN850, Dell S2721DGF, Dell S2721DGFA, HP Omen 27i, Lenovo Y27q-20.
Dell released so MANY gaming monitors!!! - S-Series
So I really really really recommend an ultra wide for whoa (, laughs ) for productivity. Honestly.
3 months ago


Display Type

LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

Energy Class

Class B

Energy Consumption per Year

60 kWh

Diagonal Size