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Focal Clear
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  • Great for audiophiles
  • Premium design and comfortable fit
  • Incredible sound quality, detailed in every aspect of the sound
  • Very high-quality product
  • Sound is lifelike, clear and airy


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Focal Clear Mg

They're the next generation of the Focal Clear, and unlike their predecessor, their drivers have M-shaped inverted magnesium domes. These are advertised to improve their damping capacities as well as make them lighter and more rigid. They have a smooth and warm sound profile that reproduces clear and accurate vocals and lead instruments

Dagobiet Morales Alfaro
1 month ago

I'm usually skeptical of DYI-style or one-man-show headphones in general, but everything I read about the Borealis compares it to the Focal Clear or Elex, which is a very good sign indeed.


I didnt really like their Focal Clear and Elears. This will just steer me away from any other Focal Products. Pretty overrated imo.


Surprisingly the Focal Clear for me at this time, despite still crowning the HE-500 in my top ranking. They're just well balanced and fun to listen to.


These $1,500 headphones from France feel and sound divine

I don’t think anything has been neglected with the Focal Clear. Focal made a choice to prioritize detail and precision in its sound over the more facile thrills of extra servings of bass. What has emerged from that decision is a fantastically well balanced sound married to an equally well thought-out and precise design

Vlad Savov
1 month ago

Congrats dude! The Focal Clear are a great pair so long as you're not too treble sensitive. Since you got the Arche, you have to save up for the Utopia as well :p You already saved by getting a free Clear and Arche haha


Focal Clear. Basically perfect, sound-wise.

^(But then I saw the price of replacement pads...)

My Android phone, Focal Clear, Ovidius B1 DAC/AMP USB dongle


Shout it from the rooftops!

It can be hard to judge how something will sound just from reading impressions online - especially with all of the vague and confusing terms floating around. I've read every review and watched every video related to these headphones prior to buying them (how can you not for this price) - and none of...

1 year ago

- crazy fast, no connection drops. - Apple TV movie/TV show streaming confirmed - perfect sync, no lip sync issues. - quick charge and long battery endurance. Finally something good to enjoy Wired headphones with TV and on the go without a DAP.



Ear Coupling


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Earpad Material

Memory Foam


104 dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz