Food Chain Magnate

Food Chain Magnate

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  • Great for a party game
  • A complex game by slaughter games
  • You can do just that in food chain, magnate or FCM
  • Splutters come out with a new game at Essen 2015


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I had a copy, never got to play it, and ended up trading it for Food Chain Magnate. Not sure that was the right decision now...
Food Chain Magnate First Impression - The Thoughtful Gamer
It’s still in stock right now at the few online retailers I checked, but I don’t know how much longer that is going to last. So if you have the money and think this game is for you, you should probably pick it up sooner rather than later. Please join the discussion below
2 months ago
Food Chain Magnate.
Great Western Trail.
Captain Sonar.
I feel like Captain Sonar would be a pretty hard one, but could be great for those few times you get all the people online to play.
Poker chips are the way to go. Food Chain Magnate made me absolutely hate paper money.
My wife and I managed to find a Food Chain Magnate for $10 at a thrift store. Everything packaged neatly with no issues. We had never heard of the game prior but are now huge fans of splotter games!
**Food Chain Magnate** is among my top 3 favorites of all time, but I get to play it at most once a year, which is especially sad since I even bought really beautiful wooden organizer inlays for both the base game and the expansion at 40€ each
**Food Chain Magnate** for me.
I feel this is a top 5 game, which is why it breaks my heart at just how bland the board looks. It
feels like a prototype that they just never got around to making proper art for.
Food Chain Magnate. It takes a while to set up and takes too long to play.
Personally, I think Food Chain Magnate is much simpler than it initially seems. It is just difficult to win as a beginner without someone going easy for the first play or two.
**Food Chain Magnate** the tension created by the choice of a strategy, the reveal of the cards and then the small recruitment allowing you to leap forward, surprise opponents and sneak a lot of sales ... Then final count and you still lose ... Handycon 2019.



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