Love letter

Love letter

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  • Great for 2-6 players
  • Quick and simple gameplay
  • Fun for all ages
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master
  • A 10th anniversary collection is coming this summer


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I find that Love Letter is an excellent game for waiting for your food at a restaurant, is light, portable and fast.
Definitely Love Letter. Easy to pick up and play, and to also teach new players quickly. Must’ve played this hundreds of times
Dear Game,
When we first met I was deeply attracted by your good looks, it's true. As we spent time together, however, I realized you bored me. Let's not play the blame game [spoiler] it's really your fault [/spoiler] and let's part as friends. Better yet, let us part as former shady business part...
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4 months ago
Based on the games you listed, I highly recommend Love Letter!
Love Letter is getting a second edition, 10th anniversary version and new story-driven entry
Love Letter: Second Edition is a brand-new version of the beloved social deduction game that has players attempting to be either the last person standing or have the highest numbered card in their hand by the end of the game. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) The upcoming second edition will introduce 16 new cards for players to use - including cards such as the scholar, the servant and more – that will provide a different set of gameplay mechanics and abilities
2 months ago
Love Letter Board Game - Asmodee Canada
2-6 Players 10+ Age 15-30 min Duration Love Letter Will your love letter be enough to woo the Princess and capture her heart? 2-6 Players 10+ Age 15-30 min Duration News & Video. 27 Cards 13 Favor Tokens 1 Cloth Bag 1 Rulebook Carefully use a cast of characters in the castle to carry your message of love to the Princess, while keeping other player’s letters away. Successfully carry your letter to her before your opponent’s catch you in order to obtain her affection and win her heart in this game of risk, deduction, and luck
2 months ago
Love Letter Princess Princess: A Card Game Of Queer Love
However, even without that part (because it’s really just present in the box art and the ‘plot’ of the game), I still highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add something on the light and fluffy side to their collection. Give it a look, you won’t be disappointed. You can grab a copy of Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After from your FLGS or Renegade’s shop, where it runs for $21
2 months ago
Honestly… Love Letter. It’s just so small, cheap, easy to teach and carry. In terms of a larger box game… probably base Dominion since we’ve had it and played it for many years.
Love Letter: The Hobbit - we're in love!
In Love Letter: The Hobbit, it only takes 4 gems to win in a 4-player game (5 gems in a 3-player game, and 7 gems in a 2-player game). The Fun of Love Letter: The Hobbit. Similarly to Love Letter: Batman, we’ve really enjoyed playing Love Letter: The Hobbit
2 months ago
#718 – Love Letter [2019 Edition]
Overall: 7.5 / 10 Overall, I think this new version of Love Letter is a solid iteration on the original! I think it establishes itself nicely in the two-player space, along games like Fluttering Souls that are quick to get set up for two and have some good depth to them without being too complex.
2 months ago



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