Nike Zoom Fly 3

Nike Zoom Fly 3

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  • Great for long distance runs
  • Nike Zoom Fly 3 is a stiff, responsive trainer
  • In its 3rd edition, Rival Fly 3 fills the gap in
  • React midsole doesn’t have the same bounce as
  • Nike’s new Vaporweave material manages heat and sheds water better than


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Nike Zoom Fly 3 Performance Review - WearTesters
Drew: The Nike Zoom Fly 3 has flaws but overall I think it’s worth the money.
3 months ago
Received mine today, I fit a Nike zoom fly 3 very well, but this one is also fitting extremely well! Looking forward to more adventures in it (if it stays this way)
Nike Zoom Fly 3’s have done me well as a daily carbon. React foam is pretty durable so it’s been able to rack up some high mileage.
Easily my favorite long run shoes, really helps to keep running when you’re tired. Not a racing shoe by any means. Previous experience for a long runs (18+ miles) with Zoom Fly 3, Triumph 17, NB1080 v9/10, Pegasus 36, Reebok FFE
Glideride is unrivalled for long runs imo. I own the Novablast, EvoRide, Peg 37, Endorphin Speed & Shift, Ride 13 & Zoom Fly pretty much all the recommended. Nothing comes close to the Glideride.
I suggest Zoom Fly 3, if it is on sale. A fast session shoe with a carbon plate.
For those swifter long runs, I love my zoom fly 3 and I've heard good things about the endorphin speed for that kind of work as well. Boston 9, kinvara 11, and freedom 3 would also do well in that role
Nike Rival Fly 3 Review
RECOMMENDATIONNike RivalFly 3 is an excellent neutral daily trainer for distances up to half-marathon. It also works great for short races. If you are looking for an affordable shoe with modern aesthetics, it is a shoe that is highly recommended
3 months ago
I read mixed reviews but purchased them on Saturday (UK release). I absolutely love them. I've ran a 8km tempo and 27km long run in them and have no complaints, feel like a great upgrade from the Zoom Fly 3. Not for everyone though i guess 🤷‍♂️
I got some zoom fly 3's from nike for $130 last year, pretty light shoe and it felt good to run in.



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