Parker 51

Parker 51
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  • Great for writing
  • Solid construction
  • Good value for the price
  • Looks like a 51 but not as good as the original
  • Ink flow is restrictive


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I was gifted a Parker 51 from a close friend who was a retired MD. I recommend a Pilot VP w/a Fine nib unit.

9 months ago

I am 13 and my parents laugh at me when i ask them for a fountain pen so yea.

My parents' exact words (translated from Albanian)

"Oh so you're a doctor or a president now?"

"What are you gonna sign, homework?"

"Oh so you want me to spend €77 on a friggen fountain pen? (Parker 51)

That's why when i ...

1 year ago

Parker 51 2021 is a great pen.

I have a vintage Parker 51 and I bought the new Parker 51. If you want the vintage model you probably won't like the new one. But this new Parker 51 is a solid pen. It's writes smooth as silk and performs as good as any steel nib fountain pen for the price, which is excellent. It's like a car. Model...

Paul T. McNally
1 year ago

Parker 51 in name only

Yes, it writes and it does so just fine. My problem with this is that it sort of looks like a 51 but if you are familiar with the original, you may find this one a tad disappointing. The first thing I noticed was that the weight was different in my hand. Modern materials and manufacturing, and a car...

David N. VanMeter
1 year ago


Parker re-launch the Parker 51 maintaining the hallmarks of the original that gave the 51 its identity while leveraging technical advancements and our expertise and craftsmanship to ensure its fit for use in the modern world. The name Parker 51 was no coinsidence, Parker had named all their models u...

1 month ago

Parker 51 2021 Edition - Watch Before You Buy

We'Ll say that. So that's my. I mean - i guess not so quick at this point - review of the parker 51, the 2021 edition

1 month ago

The new Parker 51. Ink just doesn't flow properly and I'm hesitant to adjust the hooded nib.

10 months ago

Reviewing the Parker “51” Fountain Pen.

It’s as much a continuation of the “51” as the current Jotter is a continuation of the ribbed nylon thing with a “21” clip. It’s been nearly half a century since Parker made the “51,” and I’m not sure why anyone thought that they would just remake it and ignore all of the innovations and buying habits of the last few decades.

1 month ago

There were no converter goes with the pen as many review suggested

I never have luck with ink cartridge. Just don't like the fact that the ink flow seem restrictive. I love the legacy pump bc the ink flows out abundantly. This pen was sent with two cartridges (black and blue ink). Some one said only the ink bottle was needed, well, not true. I have to buy a separat...

8 months ago

Parker 51 Mark 1 Vintage Fountain Pen Review

Then again, modern Parkers are shit value, so it’s hard to gauge its worth. Character is subjective and so will be your appreciation for the Parker 51. My advice and ultimately the conclusion to this is to simply buy it, give it a shot, and if you don’t like it you can sell it for the same price or more

1 month ago


Writing system

Fountain pen



Nib width

Fine, Medium

Nib content

18kt Gold