Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
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Review highlights
  • Great for people who want a wireless and noise cancelling experience
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Easy to pair with the Galaxy Buds app
  • Touch controls are responsive
  • Sound quality is good for an open style ear bud but not quite there
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Samsung is onto something!


-very comfortable, beautiful design

-easily pocketable

-pairs very easily. wearable app is awesome

-touch controls very responsive


-sound quality is good for an open style ear bud but for anyone seeking higher quality sound these are not quite there.

-sound leaks out at even moderate vo...

2 years ago

Is it a Winner or Loser? I'll tell you what I think.

I have been on the search for the ‘perfect’ earbuds for almost a year and because of that, I have bought and returned several sets. I was actually on the verge of buying the Buds Plus+ but decided to buy the Galaxy Buds Live on launch day. My requirements for a ‘perfect’ earbud are: each bud can wor...

2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Truly Wireless

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Truly Wireless are unusually-designed noise cancelling truly wireless earbuds. They have a distinctive look, feel surprisingly stable and comfortable, and have slightly warm and well-balanced sound profile that should suit a broad range of audio content. Despite their AN...

Jake Thauvette
1 month ago

An unconventional design turns out to be a winner

isappointed. .Bluetooth stability on the Buds Live doesn’t seem quite as robust as with the Galaxy Buds Plus

Chris Welch
1 month ago

Galaxy Buds Live review: Finally, something different

They don't seem to be paired simultaneously to two devices at once. You can also pair these to windows, computers using microsoft, swift pair, the galaxy buds plus did a good job of reducing background noise when you're making voice calls - and these do too, there are two microphones on the outside of each butt and one on the inside and While they don't completely muffle sound around you, they do a good job of tamping down ambient noise and also picking up your voice. People i spoke with said they could hear me well

1 month ago

Nearly perfect

i have sought the perfect wireless buds for years and have consistently been disappointed. even the previous generation galaxy buds were not great.

these are nearly perfect. once, that is, i learned how to position them in my ears. that learning curve is steep.

i also have a challenge with the ta...

2 years ago

First Thought: Worried and Likely Returning These

The media could not be loaded. After hearing the buzz and seeing the leaks on these over the last few months, I was anxiously awaiting their release. Now, with them in hand (or ears, rather), I have some serious concerns. I wanted these for the use of listening to music and equally, if not more impo...

Jason H.
2 years ago

Galaxy Buds Live review: good beans, no compromises

, So it responds as well as Bixby can respond. ( upbeat music ), So the Galaxy Buds, Live. They're $ 169 beans with great audio quality, a solid mic all packed into a surprisingly functional small form factor

The Verge
1 month ago

they are great once you get used to them

before i purchased, i read the reviews and it seems like the only complaint was they tend to hurt after a while. after receiving them, the first thing i noticed was the quality, they seem solid and well-built, i put them in and the sound quality was excellent, i did have to fumble with them and put ...

1 year ago

Do the Live up to the Hype?

Let me tell you, I was ready to get on here and give these a 1 star rating, but then I said, "I'm being too hasty, maybe I should try pushing them deeper in my ears" and surely enough, that worked. Initial impressions: Clarity: excellent for music, and when testing a call to a friend he said I "soun...

reaudi mills
2 years ago