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Able carry max
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  • Great for carrying a laptop
  • Lots of pockets for organization
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight


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Able Carry Max Backpack Review

In summary, the able carry max is a solid travel backpack. It's large enough for extended travel.

2 months ago

Able Carry Max Backpack Review | Pack Hacker

Wrap Up..Able Carry went all-in with the durable materials for the Max backpack, and the build quality is something worth commending

2 months ago

I wanted to downsize from the travel packs and had a trip to London coming up where I wanted to skate when I was there.

I found the Jansport Westbreak on sale for like £38. I copped it and its amazing.

I need to do a write up to encourage more people to buy one as I spent so many hours thinking ...

7 months ago

I think the Able Carry Max falls along the lines of a light-Weekender / XL EDC type of bag.

I’d recommend Minaal 3.0 travel bag or REI ruckpack 40

6 months ago

I went with A19 Evade 1.5 Full in blue 420 nylon ripstop. But since your shipping rates are much different than mine....

Able Carry is in HK. Their Max bag is bigger (28 to 30L I believe)...maybe shipping may be better for you?

1 year ago

Able Carry Max Backpack: I'm Your Huckleberry!

This is my number. My new, the newly crowned number one for edc packs right here able carry is coming for you if you think it's a game.

2 months ago

I was in the same position as you and I ended up buying the [Able Carry Max]([URL REMOVED] with which I'm extremely satisfied. You can't access the main compartment without the clamshell opening, though, only the laptop/documents compartment.

5 months ago

The Able Carry Thirteen is a great choice. Their bags are very comfy as well and have a certain style, a polished to them. Normally that implies business like, but it’s more of a tight, clean aesthetic. I’m become a big fan of the brand.

If your budget was a little higher I’d say check out the ILE...

1 year ago

I bought the CTB35 because my CPL is kinda tight for my large EDC and the Able Carry Max was honestly disappointing.

This post makes me feel better about my purchase, now I just need to wait until February for when mine ships. 😭

5 months ago

Able Carry Max — Epic Large Daily Carry Backpack

The able carry max all right, larger, daily, carry people gym people. I think if you had like an internal compartment for shoes and like a little dirty clothes bag, or something that you like that, maybe we're a sweat, odor kind of resistant sort of thing, throwing that in here, you're going to be able to fit it. As long as as well as your lunch or whatever else you need like this is larger, carry people, this is pretty killer even camera

Chase Reeves
2 months ago


Package Dimensions

21.15 x 14.5 x 9 inches