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AER Go Pack
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  • Great for travel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to pack away when not in use
  • Durable fabric
  • Comfortable straps


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The Best Packable Daypack for Travel

That said, it’s still a decent choice if you like the look of it or feel drawn to the brand.Triple Aught Azimuth: A great bag, when in stock. Capable of packing down to about the size of a sandwich bag, this bag still offers enough organization, weatherproofing, and comfort to rival some traditional backpacks. We liked it enough to make it a pick, but it’s gone out of stock. We’ll update this guide when it comes back.Kit Dillon is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter.

4 months ago

The perfect travel day pack

I'm not one for posting reviews, but just had to add to the previous comments about how good of a bag the Go Pack is. Just got back from a ten day trip to Europe, and it was great to be able to travel with a such a sleek looking, well-built and functional bag. This bag has just the right accessories...

2 months ago

Aer Travel Pack Review: Ultimate Carry-on Backpack?

A dedicated shoe pocket and expandable water bottle holder set this bag above the average backpack.Organization: 4 of 5 — an almost overwhelming amount of pockets and options, some perhaps redundantConstruction: 5 of 5 — Aer did not cheap out here at all.Aesthetic design: 4 of 5 — sleek and minimalistic

1 month ago

Review: Aer’s Travel Pack 3 Is a Globetrotter's Backpack Done Right

Overall, after the time we spent putting this bag through its paces, we went from liking Aer’s latest Travel Pack to loving it.

1 month ago

Aer Go Pack Review (Packable Day Pack) | Pack Hacker

Overall, we’re happy with how the Aer Go Pack is organized.

1 month ago

Aer Go Pack Review

With the Aer Go Pack, I have more space to put my things and since it’s stylish, I never feel like a tourist. To be honest, I’m not fooling anyone that I’m a local, but at least my bag isn’t bright blue or has R2D2 on it. Final thoughts My Aer Go Pack review is positive

1 month ago

Aer Travel Pack 2 Review: A bit over-hyped?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better option, especially at this price point. The materials are excellent, and the added organization is a nice touch. And given the price point, it’s a pretty compelling value when it comes to travel backpacks

1 month ago

the best backpack for a student or traveler

I have never had a better backpack in my 16 years of being a student. I went through two different backpacks my freshman year of college and was looking for something that would hold up for at least one school year. To my surprise, this "day pack" has lasted me three years and still looks brand new....

Cara L.
3 months ago

Aer Travel Pack 2 Review (One Bag Update) | Pack Hacker

We think this was largely a good move by Aer, the benefits of the ventilation holes are kind of a moot point when your shoes end up getting soggy and wet. Aer Travel Pack 2 Main Compartment. On to the main event, the main clamshell opening! First of all, it’s important to note that you’re going to need to unbuckle the compression straps should you want to fully open up that main compartment

1 month ago

Aer Go Pack Review | Packable & Lightweight Daypack For One Bag Travel

So there you have it our review of the Aer Go Pack

Pack Hacker
1 month ago


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