Aer Travel Pack 2

Aer Travel Pack 2
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  • Great for travel
  • Small and light
  • Durable material
  • Easy to carry on the go
  • Lots of pockets for organization


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Aer Travel Pack 2 Small Review - GREAT Stylish 28L Travel Pack

Both all that being said, the smaller version of the travel pack 2 really lives up to the expectations I had for it after using the larger version for so long and if you're looking for something that's gon na be really durable, versatile have a great look and Work well for shorter trips or a day to day carry. I definitely recommend you check this one out and so I'm very curious to hear what you guys think of the smaller version of the travel pack too, and whether you like this trend of smaller and minimal travel bags that have been coming out, that work well for Shorter trips or for day to day use if there are any other options in the size range that you think would be good for me to check out. Please let me know in the comments - and I want to thank the company again for sending the bag

Traveling Salseros
3 months ago

Dang! Thanks for the post!!!

I'm not sure why I chose the Aer Travel Pack 2 over the Setout Divide, but I'm not impressed with it. I don't believe the Tortuga will be better, but a now-$100 difference sure is!

1 year ago

While I can't particularly endorse it, the Aer travel pack 2 might fit your needs? I don't know about it fitting camera gear though

2 years ago

No love for the Aer travel pack 2? Mine is xpac which does make it as slick looking as a porsche but the cordura ones are pretty low key.

Funny but i use the laptop compartment with my dress shirt folder to keep them pressed and crisp.

9 months ago

I have both, and upon opening them they immediately became two of my favorite bags in my collection. I also have an AER Travel Pack 1 that I've used for several years and trips, so I'll include some of those insights.

This is going to be a long one so I broke it down into two parts:

AER Travel Pac...

2 years ago

It's a bit over your size range (33L), but otherwise the AER Travel Pack 2 (X-Pac Edition) is almost ideal.

- The water bottle pocket is expandable.

- It has a dedicated shoe pocket.

- Dedicated laptop pocket.

- Packs down pretty well with compression straps.

- Waist strap for biking if needed.


1 year ago

I own both of them. Did round the world trips in both. Outbreaker 45 was too big. Sometimes airlines made me check it in at the gate. Lots of space, comfy, the pockets inside were useful. Better laptop compartment.

Prefer Aer Travel Pack 2 35L. More comfy and lighter. i like the pocket at the top f...

2 years ago

After settling on the 35L Setout for myself just last month I can tell you it was a close race between that, the Aer Travel Pack 2, the Bellroy Transit Plus and the Peak Design travel backpack.

I think the Aer 2 might be good for you since it’s no frills and has lots of space. The setout doesn’t c...

9 months ago

I would checkout the Aer Travel Pack 2, the regular 35L and the small 28L depending on which way you swing on size. You might be able to ditch your tech pouch and use the bag’s internal organization for cables and what not.

1 year ago

Aer Travel pack 2 might be my bag of the year that I've reviewed so far. Love it.

2 years ago



22 x 13 x 9 inches


3 lbs. 12 oz.


15 inches


33 liters