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  • Great for carrying a laptop
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


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Arcido Akra Travel Backpack Review | Pack Hacker

Another nice feature is that the entire laptop harness is easily transferable between the Akra and the smaller Vaga we mentioned earlier. Overall, we really dig the unique thinking here and we’re glad Arcido didn’t play it safe—we always like to see brands push the envelope and try new things to keep the backpack industry moving forwar

2 months ago

Great Bag

After watching what felt like an eternity of travel bag reviews mostly based in America (and their different carry on rules), I came across the Akra. It's money well spent in my opinion and I can't recommend it enough, I use this bag for both personal and business use.

Paul on Apr 23
52 years ago

The Arcido Akra is 35L but is definitely the most comfortable carry on backpack I've ever tried. I really like clamshell.opening, the padding on the back that runs on either side of your spine, and the proper hip belt. Plus, it's waterproof, has external water bottle sleeves, and can fit on a plane ...

2 years ago

Good item

Fantastic! I really love it.

Mor D. on Dec 02
52 years ago

A Great Rucksack, Functional, Effective, and Stylish

I recently upgraded from the Faroe because I'm a regular traveller and although the Akra is a little more expensive, the added features make it well worth it. The thing I love most about the Akra is that whilst it's big enough to fit all my clothes and laptop for a relatively long trip away (whilst ...

Johnnie S.
4 years ago

Arcido Akra Travel Backpack Archives - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry

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1 month ago

The Arcido Akra & Vaga

Carry-on obsessives, like myself, will also enjoy the secure rear facing passport slot, lockable zips, magnetic clasps, and the ventilated back panel. Arcido also produce a range of compatible accessories for the Akra: Currently retailing for £149.00 GBP the Akra is up there in terms of functionality and style with packs like the Peak Design Travel Line and the Nomatic carry-on range

1 month ago

Arcido Akra Review: Is this the Backpack for Urban Explorers? 2022

it’s also FREE at the moment! All you need to do is click this link (or the sexy image of Will flexing his handstand skillz), provide your email, and we’ll email you the ebook lickety-split!Final Thoughts on this Arcido Akra Backpack ReviewThere you have it, amigos.

1 month ago

I love my Arcido Akra. It's really lightweight, fits more than enough stuff and looks pretty great if you ask me.

One thing to keep in mind is that the waist strap sits pretty high. No problem for me as I'm quite petite, but might be a con if you're taller.

1 year ago

The Arcido Akra Backpack Is A Must-Have For Travel And Day To Day Use

All fit well inside the bag. Yet they also include delivery for 100% free as well as a 5-year warranty on all of their items, including the Akra backpack. To get 15% off of items sitewide, use the special code UNIVERSE15 in your purchase! To Buy The Arcido Akra Backpack Click Here If you’d like your product reviewed and featured on Men’s Gear as well as its vast social media channels, contact Joe@MensGear

1 month ago



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