Asics Metaspeed Sky

Asics Metaspeed Sky

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  • Great for heel strikers
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Roomy toe box
  • High stack cushioning for a locked-down feel
  • Carbon plate with Flytefoam Blast Turbo midsole


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I just ran in the ASICS metaspeed sky and it’s a very stable shoe.
I'm training for a Marathon and these worked fantastically on a couple of Marathon pace runs. My legs actually felt better the next day than after regular runs in my trainers. The sizing is correct once in them. You just have to loosen up the laces well to get in.
Matt J H
1 year ago
Asics Metaspeed Sky+ and Edge+ Are Improved In All The Right Places | First Look » Believe in the Run
Asics Metaspeed Sky+ outsole. Robbe is the Senior Editor/Review Manager for BITR.
3 months ago
Asics Metaspeed Sky are really really good. Hoka carbon shoes imo do not compete with other top carbon racing shoes if you're looking for a pr.
ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ - we race test the latest marathon carbon racer to rival the Nike Vaporfly | Stuff
But we only got our feet in the Sky+. They offer excellent instant, step-in comfort with a disappearing feel on the foot the moment you lace them up. Fit was excellent with plenty of space in the toe box, uppers that hug and support but also flex
3 months ago
The ASICS Metaspeed Sky might be worth checking out. I just got a pair, don’t have many miles in them, but like them so far.
Asics Metaspeed Sky Running Shoes TEST & REVIEW | RunnerClick
Sarah Hall rocked these shoes at the London marathon and finished in second place. With high-end performance features that give Nike racing shoes a run for their money, this shoe is well worth the investment for runners that are gunning for first place. Verdict Overall, the Asics Metaspeed Sky is one of the most impressive race-day shoes currently out there on the market
3 months ago
I like mine too but tried ruining in them and my calf’s were hurting and I felt it is heavy for running. I run in ASICS Metaspeed which is awesome.
The Asics MetaSpeed Sky Is a Worthy Rival to the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%
In that shoe, Asics uses an extreme rocker so when you land, your foot rolls directly forward to toe-off, rather than requiring you to stabilize your footstrike.Does it Match the Vaporfly?Over a dozen runs in the MetaSpeed Sky, I found it to feel—and even sound—quite a lot like the Vaporfly. There’s plenty of comfort and it’s undeniably faster than most other shoes we’ve tried, thanks to a good mix of cushioning and responsiveness
3 months ago
Metaspeed Sky is my shoe of the year. I wear a 12 standard and no different with this shoe. 18 mile long run Sunday with no hotspots or blisters. Highly recommend as marathon race shoe.


Best For


Curved Sole Design

Helps runners conserve more energy in each step

Heel Drop

5 mm