CIVIVI Elementum

CIVIVI Elementum
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Review highlights
  • Great for everyday cutting tasks
  • D2 steel is great, very strong and fairly easy to maintain
  • Shape of the blade won't be mistaken for a butchers cleaver or a Katana
  • Comes with WE Knife Co
  • Product is getting a major line expansion this month


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Top reviews

Great value for the right user.

First and foremost, you're getting a lot for your money here. $50-60 gets you that amazing WE Knife Co. quality control. You're getting a knife with AMAZING action, especially at that price point. You're getting a knife that has a rock solid lock up with zero blade play. You get the taco case, the m...

Erik Thiel
3 years ago

I wanted a Bugout. I got to try one and felt it deform in my hand. It was weird to press the scales together until they touched. I didn't care for it personally. The Civivi Elementum is a solid small knife, the Spyderco Tenacious is a nice bigger one. I have a Kershaw Launch 4 and the blade is small...

10 months ago

I liked the Civivi Elementum so much at $50 for d2, that I purchased one in s35vn and bought titanium scales for it for under $150. I have handled the Rat and it is a good knife but for my money, you can't beat the action on a Civivi. HOWEVER, if I needed a loaner knife or used the shit out of my kn...

9 months ago

Civivi Elementum Set to Debut in Scaled-up Button Lock Variant |

The Civivi Elementum, one of the brand’s most popular models, is getting a major line expansion this month, in the form of a Button Lock variant. The Button Lock Elementum does more than swap out the opening mechanism, however, with changes to the steel, blade, and handle as well. Originally release...

3 months ago

I have nicer knives, but I'm really loving my Civivi Elementum right now. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do.

2 years ago

‘Flipping Out’ Over This One

Saw some very positive YouTube videos on this bad boy and decided to give it a go as an EDC knife upgrade, and it has not disappointed. There’s decent competition at the 50 dollar price point for knives at the moment, with some companies packing a ton of features or extras in to make their products ...

2 years ago

For me they weren't. I've gotten more use out of a Civivi Elementum (about Rat II size) and a Spyderco Tenacious (Rat I size). It's a good knife but there are better.

9 months ago

Latest 2021 Civivi Model Surfaces with two Blade Shapes |

By this point, the Civivi catalog is at least as varied as that of its parent company, We Knife Co.; fixed blades, folders, different sizes and lock mechanisms – pretty much every corner of the knife market is touched on at this point. In either iteration, Brazen comes spec’d for the good old fashioned everyday carry category. Its versatile application centers around a 3.46-inch blade; users can pick between a drop point or an American tanto shape, prioritizing either slicing or piercing ability according to their needs.

3 months ago

I really really love my Civivi Elementum. Has an amazing action, really sleek and comfortable to carry, and is really durable. Perfect EDC for $50 budget imo

9 months ago


I bought two Elementum knives. I returned both. The first one was not opening fully each time I flipped it. I had to use all my strength to flip. Otherwise, the knife opened half way only. Perhaps this is normal for non-spring assisted knives. But I did not like it. Kind of dangerous if the knife do...

1 year ago


Blade Material

D2 Stainless Steel

Handle Material

Black G10

Knife Length

8 1/2 Inches(overall)

Manufactured in