Glorious GMMK PRO

Glorious GMMK PRO
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  • Great for beginners
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for gaming
  • Limited color options


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The ones you should be looking at are: Glorious GMMK Pro, Keychron Q1, Akko Mod (don't remember the exact model name). Watch some reviews and choose one. They should be available on their manufacturers' official sites.


Why call it White Ice?

When you buy an item whose color is called white ice, you'd think there would be some white color. Instead, the whole thing is silver.

4 months ago

A sturdy DIY keyboard with a lot of potential

The GMMK Pro is a good keyboard, maybe even great in some respects. But a year-plus since its release, it’s been surpassed by the shockingly fast-moving mechanical keyboard market. Glorious gets credit for providing a system to make it easy to jump into a custom board, without the usual headaches and long waits

Alice Newcome-Beill
1 month ago

I recently got a Glorious GMMK that I really like.

Glorious GMMK is a solid option at a reasonable price. Also come with hotswap.

A Gaming Keyboard That Looks Like A Custom

Many people are comparing this against something like the Keychron Q1. I'll keep this short and sweet: If you're a gamer, get the GMMK PRO. If you're looking for a custom mechanical, then get the Q1. The GMMK PRO isn't quite a custom mechanical keyboard as much as it's a gaming keyboard that looks l...

Dameon White
3 months ago

Look at the Glorious GMMK and the Ducky One 2 RGB. Neither costs much more than the Razer Ornata 2, and both are decent quality. The GMMK is got swap, so you can change the switches if you want.


GMMK Pro Review, THIS IS FOR YOU! (Techne Rhyme)

Thank you so much for stopping by watching my review on the glorious gm mk pro i mean wow. I love this board. Let me know what you think about if you scoop one up or if you're gon na scoop, one again for me complete recommendation, hands down all day long

The Techne
1 month ago

Glorious gmmk tkl with gateron clears and drop skylight keycaps. Next one is probably a glorious gmmk pro with their panda switches and after that I’ll probably dive into the money pit of putting my own together.


Best Entry Level Custom Keyboard

This is a very solid entry into the hobby of custom keyboards. I have two of these, one silver with Glorious Panda switches and one black with Durock T1 Sunflowers. The black one is my favorite as the keys are very snappy and tactile, and all you hear is a glorious "thocc, thocc, thocc" with every k...

2 months ago


Keyboard Interface

USB-C 2.0


1.26" x 13.07" x 5.31"

Mouse Included


System Requirement

1 USB Port